I Love New York Rewind: See Where Tiffany Pollard's Famous Exes Are Now

Before VH1 hosts an I Love New York reunion special with Tiffany Pollard, E! News checked in with some famous exes including Tailor Made, 12 Pack and Mr. Boston.

By Mike Vulpo Nov 23, 2020 12:30 PMTags
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Do you have love for New York?!

It's shocking to believe it's been more than 12 years since VH1 aired the final episode of I Love New York. But on Monday, Nov. 23, Tiffany Pollard and the cable network are teaming up for a reunion special that promises to be a must-see event for old and new fans. 

"There's going to be secrets," Tiffany exclusively teased to E! News. "We're going to be looking back on special dates. I don't want to give too much away, but that one special date in that hot tub will be front and center and if you're a true fan you already know where I'm going. It's going to be a really good time." 

Pop culture fans first met Tiffany in 2006 when she appeared on Flavor of Love where Flavor Flav officially bestowed upon her the nickname New York. Although the pair didn't find their happily ever after together, VH1 gave Tiffany her own dating show that has become a cult favorite. 

"I think that for the most part, everyone involved was in it for the right reasons," Tiffany told E! News when reflecting on the show's success. "A lot of the suitors were looking for love. I was looking for love. I feel like people could really resonate with the show because it was real. It was love…just for love."

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While Tiffany is staying mum on her relationship status today, she assured fans that her "DMs stay flooded."

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"Right now, I'm in a good place," she shared. "My love life feels right and I feel centered and I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."

But what about the other men who tried to win over Tiffany's heart? In celebration of the reunion special, we're checking in with some of I Love New York's most memorable cast members


Patrick S. Hunter, Season 1

New York's first winner is now a host and producer for Let It Marinate. And although things between him and New York ended on a dramatic note during the reunion show in 2007, Tango still has love for several of his cast members. "My bros for life. @mrbostoninboston & @onixvh1," he shared on Instagram. "If we survived a board meeting with Sister Patterson & Omarosa we can survive anything!" 


Kamal Givens, Season 1 

After starring in Real Chance of Love and Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters, Chance and the Givens family faced a tragedy when Real passed away in 2015 from a battle with colon cancer. Today, Chance stars in ONE Mo Chance airing on the Zeus Network. 


Joshua Gallander, Season 1 

Currently single and living in Miami, Whiteboy is a self-employed entrepreneur who looks back fondly on his experience with VH1. "My favorite memory by far was in Palm Springs when New York took me on a hot air balloon ride over the desert/mountains," he told E! News. "Not only had I never been on a hot air balloon ride but I had never been in Palm Springs either. Incredibly memorable experience!  The city of Palm Springs for a Miami boy was breathtaking." 

Mr. Boston

Lee Marks, Season 1

Yes, Mr. Boston still lives in Boston and works as an accountant. And after a "disastrous" boxing match with Chance, Mr. Boston became a marathon runner. He also found a special girlfriend who he cooks for often. "Fans of I Love New York will remember I gave New York a midnight snack each night," he shared. "Well my cooking skills are still winning over the ladies 13 years later! And I cook healthy so I still look good unlike some of my former costars."

As for his favorite memory from the show, Mr. Boston recalled New York calling him an excellent kisser. "After the show aired, girls would talk to me in the bar and want to kiss me to see if New York was right," he confessed. "So it worked out quite well!" 


Jason Rosell, Season 1

After his experience on VH1, Heat went on to appear in movies and soap operas. In 2010, however, he founded a wellness company called "Caliente Fitness." Today, Heat describes himself as a life, wellness, relationship and branding coach and hosts a podcast show titled "Get Inspired." 

"I am in very happy relationship with my girlfriend," he shared with E! News. "And living a life full of abundance daily!"

12 Pack

David Amerman, Season 1

The auction director for Goldin Auctions is now married with two boys—and a girl due before Christmas 2020. 12 Pack also shared with E! News that he owns five houses and properties in New Jersey and Tennessee with his company, 12 Pack Properties. 

"My favorite memory from I Love New York has to be the doghouse challenge episode where I got the Tantra teacher date and then after, just let loose in the house in a pair of leopard print shorts," 12 Pack confessed. "Confidence was pretty high at that point. It was good times. Only regret is I wish I was more open to seriously exploring dating Tiffany as opposed to just being there to cut up and have fun. It definitely would have made things more interesting." 


David Otunga, Season 2

In November 2017, Punk split from his wife of 10 years Jennifer Hudson. Today, the exes co-parent their son while Punk tries to stay out of the spotlight. The WWE superstar does, however, remains a fitness guru and describes himself as a "single father" in his Instagram profile. 

Tailor Made

George Weisgerber, Season 2

Although his love story with New York didn't work out after the finale, Tailor Made is still thriving in New York City. He has been with his girlfriend for five years. "I believe not rushing things early on is one of the reasons we have a great relationship," he explained to E! New. "I guess I've learned a lot since 2007—never would've known that proposing marriage on a reality show (after three weeks) isn't the best idea."

Tailor Made's daughter is now 24 "and has already accomplished so much." As for his favorite memory from the show, the former reality star admitted, "Having my head bounced against a wall would have to be my most memorable experience from appearing on the show." 

The Entertainer

Frank Maresca, Season 2

While we can't confirm if The Entertainer is still living in his parent's basements, he will be part of the I Love New York reunion special airing in Nov. 2020. The former star of Basement Affair is reportedly married.

And for those curious to watch the show, it's not too late. Episodes are available on VH1's website for a limited time.

"They should give it a chance because they are going to find a beat or two or three or four in the show that makes sense and resonates with them," Tiffany explained. "It's very relatable. Everyone who came to be a part of it, they let it all hang out so you're just going to see a whole bunch of people having a great time." 

I Love New York: Reunited hosted by Vivica A. Fox is set to air Monday, Nov. 23 only on VH1.