Pregnant Meghan Trainor Shares Updates About Her Baby Boy

By Allison Crist Nov 03, 2020 7:28 PMTags

Meghan Trainor has a lot to be excited about.

The singer is expecting her first child, a baby boy, with her husband Daryl Sabara and she just dropped a Christmas album, A Very Trainor Christmas. Luckily for her fans, Meghan stopped by Tuesday, Nov. 3's Daily Pop to talk about both of these with E! co-host Carissa Culiner.

"I'm in the second half of the second [trimester]," she said, explaining how far along she is. "I'm doing great. I'm pushing it. But I'm so impatient."

Meghan even admitted to checking her pregnancy tracking app—which, among other things, illustrates how big her son is by comparing him to a fruit—"every day."

According to Meghan, he's currently the size of a pomegranate! 

She's due "early next year," and while she's of course anxious about giving birth, she told Carissa she also feels "ready."

"I feel like I could take it on!" Meghan said.

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The two continued to discuss Meghan's pregnancy with a fun game called "Santa or baby?" and one round quizzed the singer on what's more exhausting: being an expecting mom or making an album.

"I'm more exhausted in the studio wrapping up an album," Meghan responded. "I've been lucky though, my pregnancy is nice...Some people struggle way more. I'm been super lucky. I'm just getting bigger."

The combination of the two has been particularly tiring!

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"So many songs [like] 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,' I really struggled with," Meghan revealed. "I was like, I cannot breathe. Also, I'm pregnant, so I'm already winded. But I was like, maybe it'll be different when I'm not pregnant."

Plus, she wasn't just going to nix the track—especially since, as Meghan told Carissa, she picked the songs for A Very Trainor Christmas based on "memories that I had growing up." 

"I wanted stuff that I knew...like Michael Buble's 'White Christmas,' is so good and one of my favorite holiday songs," Meghan said, adding that she made sure she was realistic, too. "I knew I'm not going to take on Mariah Carey. I'm not going to take on 'O Holy Night' because I can't get up there."

As for her decision to make a Christmas album in the first place, Meghan explained it's been a long time coming.

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"It was always meant to be," she said. "Everyone knew it was going to happen. My team was like, oh my god, your Christmas album is gonna be insane. We just didn't know, like, when."

So why now? 

"It just felt so right, this time, and being trapped at home," Meghan told Carissa. "We were like, there's no better time to do it. Let's have some type of joy while the world is collapsing and let's bring joy to family members."

Hear more about A Very Trainor Christmas —and one of Meghan's favorite brands, Safeguard, which has been giving back during the coronavirus pandemic—by watching the complete Daily Pop interview in the above clip!

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