Here's What Caused Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Shocking Fight on KUWTK

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Trouble in Palm Springs.

On Thursday, Oct. 8's all-new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner found themselves in an upsetting altercation. Ironically, this dramatic situation arose while the whole family was in Palm Springs for bonding time.

Why? Because Kris Jenner had finally watched Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian's physical fight from last season.

"Part of my job is to make sure that the girls are getting along right now," Kris explained in a confessional ahead of the trip. "I'm a firm believer that if there's a problem and if there's tensions amongst people, we have to get together and have some quality family time."

Yet, while planning the getaway to the Palm Springs house, Kris revealed that Kendall was the only hold out. Understandably, the supermodel felt wary about the trip as the coronavirus pandemic was escalating.

"I don't know," the runway maven noted to her mom and Corey Gamble. "I just feel like it's a lot of people. Is it not?"

The momager responded, "It is a lot of people, but I think we're due for a good bonding session."

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After Kris promised to pack for Kendall, the 24-year-old agreed to attend the family trip.

This made Corey happy, who felt he wasn't "close to Kendall."

As he continued, Corey expressed a hope that he and Kendall could "carve out some time" to bond. Unfortunately, this didn't occur as Corey was a bystander in the fight between Kendall and Kylie.

So, how did Kendall and Kylie find themselves in this situation?

At the start of the trip, Kylie was noticeably MIA. Later at dinner, it was revealed that the Kylie Cosmetics mogul hadn't responded to anyone but was posting on social media.

"It's always really nice when the whole family ends up making it," Kendall stated to the KUWTK camera. "So, if Kylie ends up coming that'll be really nice. She does miss out on a lot of family trips, which, you know, is sad sometimes."

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In a different confessional, Kylie revealed that she was late as she had to celebrate her best friend's birthday in Los Angeles.

While Kylie's arrival was met with little drama, things escalated prior to a night out in Palm Springs. Initially, Kendall found herself frustrated with Kylie after the latter stole her outfit.

"No! I wanted to wear your brown other outfit," an annoyed Kendall told Kourtney. "But then, Kylie comes in and everyone bows down to Kylie and lets her wear whatever the f--k she wants."

When Kylie tried to compliment Kendall's attire, it was waved off, sparking a spat between the sisters.

"Whatever, you're a hater," Kylie defended. "You're not gonna ruin my f--king night. I'm having a good time."

In response, Kendall sounded off, "You ruined my f--king night, so I can do whatever the f--k I want to all night."

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Things remained awkward as the group headed to dinner. When Kendall learned that Scott Disick and Mason Disick were heading back to Los Angeles, she expressed a desire to leave with them.

However, as Scott informed her, he only had "a two-seater."

Following the meal, the family went to a drag show, which Kendall chose to skip so she could nap in the car.

Before heading inside, Kourtney confirmed with Kendall that she wanted to head home with Kylie. It's unclear if this information was relayed to Kylie.

Thus, as Kendall napped in the car, Kylie took in the drag show with Kris, Corey, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. Although the evening out was a success, the drama was far from over.

"Should we give them my address so they can drop me at home?" Kendall asked Kylie in the car.

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Confused, Kylie responded, "Why would I drop you home, Kendall? I'm not gonna drive through the city to drop you home."

Corey then suggested that they call for another car to take Kendall straight home. Somehow, this recommendation escalated the situation.

While on the phone with Kourtney, Kendall exploded, "Corey, I'm not getting in a f--king random SUV by myself."

As the shouting between the sisters continued, Kylie snapped, "No one promised to take you home. Why would I promise to drive you over the hill?"

At this point, Kim called their security and demanded that they "go get Kendall."

Khloe further elaborated in a confessional, "We're just hearing high-pitched screaming, we can't even figure out what's happening, and it just sounds really crazy."


When Corey is heard yelling, "Stop," at the sisters, Kim demanded that they turn the car around.

As the craziness continued, Kendall accused Kylie of putting her "heel into [her] f--king neck" and Kylie alleged that Kendall "f--king slapped [her] first."

Once safely in Kris' car, Kendall said she would "never speak to" Kylie or Corey again and recounted what happened.

She concluded, "I don't know how I'll be able to forget this. I really don't."

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