Watch Kendall and Kylie Jenner Fight Over an Outfit in All-New KUWTK Sneak Peek

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Watch: Kendall Jenner Says Kylie Ruined Her Night in Palm Springs

Kendall Jenner is not happy with Kylie Jenner.

In this clip from Thursday, Oct. 8's all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the supermodel is infuriated when her sister takes an outfit she wanted to wear out in Palm Springs, Calif. While everyone is getting ready for a night out, Kendall scrambles to find a new look.

Big sister Kourtney Kardashian suggests, "You want to try that cow shirt? Could be cute with your shoes?"

Sadly, Kendall is not feeling Kourtney's recommendation.

"No! I wanted to wear your brown other outfit," the 24-year-old model responds. "But then, Kylie comes in and everyone bows down to Kylie and lets her wear whatever the f--k she wants."

In a confessional, Kendall explains that she didn't expect a night out on the town, which is why she didn't bring anything appropriate to wear.

"Whenever we are in Palm Springs, we really just stay at the house. We don't really leave the community and it's always just chill vibes," she explains to the KUWTK camera. "So, I didn't even really think to bring something to go out in. I didn't think we were gonna leave the house."

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Continuing her conversation with Kourtney, Kendall reminds her sister that she arrived first and was offered "those outfits first."

She adds, "So, that's why I'm just annoyed."

Back in the confessional, Kendall admits to feeling underdressed and recalls Kourtney offering her the outfit Kylie is wearing. In an attempt to rectify the situation, Kourtney asks Kim Kardashian if she has an extra outfit for Kendall.

"Yeah, she can go look! Wait, let me see what I've got," Kim states before adding, "I like that."

Kendall snaps, "Like, I literally look like I'm going to f--king lunch. You guys are all going out."

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Meanwhile, Kylie and Corey Gamble are enjoying shots in the kitchen.

Oblivious to her sister's frustration, Kylie says, "You look cute."

This comment is waved off by Kendall, who is beyond annoyed with Kylie.

"Kendall! Oh, like, you deserve the outfit more?" the Kylie Cosmetics mogul retorts.

Unfortunately, this remark only escalates the situation as Kendall reminds Kylie that the outfit was for her.

"Whatever, you're a hater," Kylie defends. "You're not gonna ruin my f--king night. I'm having a good time."


While Khloe Kardashian tries to assure Kendall that she has a new outfit coming to the house, Kendall loses it on Kylie.

She sounds off, "You ruined my f--king night, so I can do whatever the f--k I want to all night."

Although Khloe promises that the new outfit will be "so bomb," Kendall refuses to change again.

Watch the sisterly spat play out in the clip above.

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