Dr. Suzanne Quardt Confronts "Biggest Mass" She's Ever Seen on Dr. 90210

Watch a sneak peek of Monday's all-new Dr. 90210 in which Dr. Suzanne Quardt meets a male patient who has a 6-year giant growth on his face.

By Allison Crist Oct 02, 2020 7:25 PMTags
Watch: Patient Has 6-Year Giant Growth on His Face

A larger-than-life lump.

A patient on Monday's all-new Dr. 90210 is suffering from something that can only be described as "shocking"—even for a doctor who does it all like Dr. Suzanne Marie Quardt.

In this sneak peek, Dr. Quardt—who's often referred to affectionately as Dr. Q—greets said patient and immediately spots his reason for coming in to see her: a giant lump on his face. But instead of making any assumptions, she tells the man to "start from the very beginning."

"It started real small, just like a whitehead," he says.

When, exactly? About six years ago.

"Holy shmoly. I'm just shocked," Dr. Q expresses in a confessional. "This is the biggest mass that I have seen."

She adds, "We need to help him!"

What's more, according to the patient, the lump has "pretty much doubled in size every year."

"Did anyone treat it or did you squeeze on it or anything at all?" Dr. Quardt then asks.  

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"I tried to squeeze on it and stuff," the patient responds. "It never came to a head."

The woman accompanying him to the appointment also replies, telling Dr. Q that they tried hot compresses and salves intended for boils.

However, Dr. Q doesn't think this is a boil.

The woman continued, "Then after it started getting bigger, I told him, 'You need to go get this checked out.' And he finally did like a year ago."

Unfortunately, the patient had a bad experience when he did so.

"The only doctor I've had look at it made me feel very uncomfortable because he was telling me I'd probably have partial face paralysis from it [and] they hadn't dealt with that kind of stuff very often," the patient says in a confessional. "And I just really did not trust somebody like that to take it off my face."

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Watch the complete sneak peek in the above video, and don't miss Monday's all-new Dr. 90210 to find out how Dr. Quardt goes about treating the male patient!