A Former Pussycat Doll Is Tired of Being "Self-Conscious" About Her Labia on Dr. 90210

In a sneak peek of tonight's Dr. 90210 premiere, former Pussycat Doll Jessi Peralta meets with Dr. Cat about a birthing injury that ripped her labia and changed her sex life.

By Allison Crist Sep 28, 2020 5:30 PMTags
Watch: Former Pussycat Doll Wants to Feel Free Again After Torn Labia

When Dr. 90210 makes its return to E! tonight at 10 p.m., don't be surprised if you recognize one of the patients!

It turns out Jessi Peralta, an OG member of the famous Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Revue, is turning to one of the all-female surgeons on the show for help with one of her biggest insecurities: her labia.

In the above sneak peek clip, Jessi pays a visit to Dr. Cat Begovic—a self-described "pioneer" of vaginal cosmetic surgery—and explains that she started feeling this way after suffering from a birthing injury.

"I had some tearing on my labia. They tried to sew it up," Jessi explains. "I could feel the thread being pulled through the skin, but because I didn't have any pain medication, I pretty much wimped out."

Dr. Cat is definitely taken aback at this point.

"You didn't wimp out!" she responds. "I mean, who could have sutures in that area without any numbing medication? I'm sure that was very challenging and painful."

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Jessi went on to explain how the injury has made her "very self-conscious."

"Prior to the injury I was much, much more free sexually with my husband," she told Dr. Cat. "And ever since, I'm not confident enough to allow the access that he once had. Access has been denied!"

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Jessi even gave a very creative example in a confessional to properly communicate her feelings!

"Let's say a hook ripped your cheek in half," she began. "Could you still eat? Yeah, I can chew on the other side of my mouth. Can you smile? Yeah, but it looks really crazy."

"Everything functions well but it just looks a little crazy," Jessi added. "So if you can have it fixed, why not?"


Back in the exam room with Dr. Cat, Jessi reveals that prior to this appointment, she had actually met with a male OBGYN, only for him to dismiss her concerns about her labia.

According to Jessi, the doctor told her, "It's not worth it. You just look like any old woman that's had a baby. Who cares?"

"It's like, I care," Jessi says. "And that's enough. That's enough of a reason." 

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Dr. Cat is in complete agreement.

"I'm so glad that you didn't let that discourage you or make you feel bad in any way," she tells Jessi. "You caring is enough."

"See, and you understand because you're another woman!" Jessi responds, further reflecting on the incident in a confessional. "If a man were to experience some crazy penile incident, I'm sure he would have that fixed immediately. So why can't women feel that same sense of urgency?"

Watch the complete Dr. 90210 sneak peek in the above clip, and don't miss tonight's premiere!