Find Out Steve Harvey's Favorite Celebrity Family Feud Moment of All Time

By Allison Crist Sep 28, 2020 6:51 PMTags

The game show that never gets old. 

Steve Harvey has been at the helm of Family Feud for more than 10 years, and for the past five, he's also hosted Celebrity Family Feud, a star-filled incarnation of the classic game show that's seen everyone from Snoop Dogg to the Kardashian-Jenners compete to win money for the charity of their choice.

Anyone who's ever watched either show knows that Harvey's often prone to a number of "WTF" moments—most of which have to do with contestants giving nonsensical answers (making his responses all the more hilarious)—but as the TV personality and stand-up comedian explained on Monday, Sept. 28's Daily Pop, there typically aren't any individual moments he finds himself looking back on very often.

"I don't know if its moments on the show as it is the experience with people," Harvey told E! co-host Justin Sylvester. "Because the thing about celebrities that I get to enjoy most is I get to see people that I haven't seen in a long time, or people that I'm fans of."

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This is especially the case when athletes show up to play.

"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar...come on man!" Harvey exclaimed, recalling the basketball legend's 2017 appearance. 

While on the subject, the host revealed that he actually might have a favorite Feud moment after all. 

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"One of the NFL players [Vernon Davis]—and I think we had to edit it out because it got a little bit too crazy—the question was, 'Name a word that starts with strip,'" Harvey said. "The answers were strip mall, strip tease..."

"This dude said 'per,'" he added, laughing. "Strip per."

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Harvey's never actually played Family Feud or Celebrity Family Feud, but he went on to tell Justin that if he had to compete against a team led by one of his friends, he'd pick Kevin Hart. 

Don't expect to see this happening any time soon, though—Harvey's afraid to let someone else do his job!

Justin put his name in as a contender, but Harvey explained that he needs to keep the gig for himself: "The reason I can't let you host it is because you might be good at it. I'm old enough now, I can't!"

Watch the complete Daily Pop interview in the above video. Celebrity Family Feud airs Thursdays on ABC.