Tory Lanez Breaks His Silence on Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Allegation on New Album

Tory Lanez spoke out against Megan Thee Stallion's shooting allegation on his album Daystar, out Friday, saying she's "trying to frame me" because "I would never put you in no danger."

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 25, 2020 9:57 PMTags
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Tory Lanez is denying the allegations that he shot and injured Megan Thee Stallion in July. On his new album, Daystar, which dropped Friday, Sept. 25, the rapper claimed he was "framed" for the incident, saying, "I would never put you in no danger." 

In the opener "Money Over Fallouts," Tory rapped, "Megan people trying to frame me for a shooting/But them boys ain't clean enough." He questioned, "How the f--k you get shot in your foot, don't hit no bones or tendons?"

The 28-year-old doubled down on the claim that he's being set up, saying, "Y'all can play me, y'all can frame me, but I'ma reach the top/I would never put you in no danger, and if I did, you would've said it when you seen the cops."

Megan revealed in July that she was "grateful to be alive" after suffering from gunshot wounds to her feet. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed there was a "Shots Fired Investigation" on July 12 that led to the arrest of Tory (AKA Daystar Peterson). Tory made the $35,000 bail and is set to appear in court on Oct. 13. 

Five weeks later, Megan alleged Tory was the man that shot her. "Yes, this n---a Tory shot me," she said on social media. "You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and s--t. Stop lying."

Tory hasn't been officially charged for the shooting, and the incident is still under investigation by the LAPD. A source familiar with the investigation told E! News that law enforcement has the bullets that were taken out of Megan's foot.

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On Friday, Sept. 25, Megan's team swiftly aimed to discredit Tory's lyrics, which her lawyer Alex Spiro descried to E! News as a "smear campaign" that "can't change the truth." The attorney said, "We have been made aware of manipulated text messages and invented email accounts that have been disseminated to the media in a calculated attempt to peddle a false narrative." 

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Tory fired back in "Look How God Works," singing, "I would never put my hands on a woman, dawg/ I would never let it blam on a woman, dawg."

As for the night of the shooting, he recalled, "I wasn't the wrong one that night, you was just too drunk to even see it." He rapped on the first of 17 tracks, "And I thought that you was solid too, but look at how you doin' me/ Look at how you doin' me, people tryna ruin me."

Elaborating on the people trying to "ruin" him, Tory name dropped Kehlani and Kaash Paige for not supporting him in the aftermath. Kehlani removed Tory from her deluxe album It Was Good Until It Wasn't to stand behind "WAP" singer Megan instead. 

"I got nothin' but love to spread, but n--gas hate me/Hurt my heart to see them Twitter fingers come from Kehlani's and Kaash Paige's," he sung, later adding, "Kehlani hops on the news like it was somethin' to prove/Like me and her wasn't cool when I been friends with you for six years."

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Fellow singer Halsey rushed to Megan's defense on Friday, writing on Twitter, "I really can't believe whoever is listening to this and letting this man speak on and profit off of his violence towards someone we know and love."

Tory's lyrics also included references to romantic partners, seemingly telling Megan, "Don't forget you was my bitch. ... I'm still thinkin' about you and me." And he called Megan's "WAP" music video co-star Kylie Jenner "heavenly," admitting he's "got a crush" on her.

Megan said that she's been spending the summer trying to heal. "I'm currently focused on my recovery, so I can return back to my life and back to making music as soon as possible," the 25-year-old has previously said.  

She will perform on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on Oct. 3 with Chris Rock as host.