Kevin Hart Hilariously Roasts Niecy Nash on All-New Celebrity Game Face

By Alyssa Ray Sep 04, 2020 3:00 AMTags
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Let the games begin.

During Thursday, Sept. 3's episode of Celebrity Game Face, executive producer and host Kevin Hart guided three teams of celebrity pairs—including Rob Schneider and Patricia Maya Schneider, Niecy Nash and Wendy Raquel Robinson and Victor Cruz and Karrueche Tran—through a series of hilarious games. Why?

In order to win money for the charity of their choice and the Hart of a Champion trophy. Spoiler: If you're new to Celebrity Game Face, the trophy is as funny as the show itself.

"I'm Kevin Hart, I'm the dungeon master for this, what I like to call, the coolest conference call in the world," the famed comedian started off.

Still, the biggest win of the night was the LOL-worthy moments shared between the celebrity contestants and those watching at home. In fact, during the all-new episode, we watched contestants get roasted by Kevin, make hilarious calls and so much more.

Check out all of the funniest Celebrity Game Face moments below!

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1. Roasting Niecy and Wendy

During round one of Celebrity Game Face, Kevin found himself roasting the famed TV actresses. After the Claws actress was vocal about wanting to guess during the game "Who Dunnit," Keving quipped, "Ok Niecy, because of your volume, I'm going to give you the opportunity to start now."

The playful roasting elicited laughter from all six competitors. And the teasing didn't stop there as Kevin poked fun at Niecy and Wendy following the first game.

He joked, "We've got a lot more Celebrity Game Face to go, we'll be right back…Ladies, if you want to take that older woman pee break, now is the time."

What's even more hilarious? They took Kevin up on his offer—Karrueche too!

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2. An Adult Squirrel

For a round of "Mouthing Off," Niecy was dubbed an "adult squirrel" by Victor after she was able to articulate clues while having donuts stuffed in her mouth.

At the start of the round, the other teams watched as the 50-year-old actress comfortably placed two donuts in her cheeks.

Even as she added more to her mouth, her teammate was able to guess all of the ice cream flavors Niecy named.

"Seven donuts! That's great, Niecy," Kevin said after the round. "No reflex or nothing, just seven."

Victor and Karrueche also impressed during this round as they came in second place.

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3. A Hilarious Birthday Call

While playing "Hit ‘Em Up," Rob called longtime friend and fellow comedian David Spade. The purpose? To get the friend to say mystery words selected by another team.

Of course, with David being a famous funny man, this call resulted in many laughs.

"I was gonna call Adam Sandler, but he's not affordable," Rob joked. "So, we're gonna call David Spade."

In a hilarious turn of events, Rob called David on his birthday—without realizing it was his birthday.

"It's my birthday, loser," the Saturday Night Live alum said to Rob on the phone.

"Oh no! Is it?" the Hot Chick actor responded. "Happy birthday."

Despite this awkward encounter, Rob was able to get David to say both mystery words. In order to make it up to David, Rob had everyone sing happy birthday to his friend.

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4. Sweethearts in Sweats

While getting dressed for "Sweatsuit Charades," Kevin had plenty to say about sweethearts Victor and Karrueche.

"Hey, Karrueche! Soul Train called, they want their outfit back," Kevin teased.

He went on to warn the couple to keep it PG-13 as they found themselves in a slightly suggestive pose while trying to fit in the sweat suit.

He added, "Hey! Victor and Karrueche, this is a TV show! Settle it down!"

Later on, Kevin admitted that the couple looked "dope" in their shared costume. As for how they did? The twosome came in second.


5. The Award Ceremony

Congratulations, Rob and Patricia.

After making quite a comeback, going from last to first place, the Schneiders were named the victors.

Although each duo ended up being able to donate to their charities, only Team Schneider got sent the Hart of a Champion trophy. And, like in episodes past, the unboxing was too funny.

For those new to the show, the Hart of a Champion trophy is a giant, gold baby that looks like Kevin Hart.