Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker Prove They're Couple Goals on All-New Celebrity Game Face

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A game night to remember!

Thursday, Aug. 27 marked the return of E!'s special event series, Celebrity Game Face. For the first of five additional episodes, executive producer and host Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Hart guided three teams of celebrity pairs—including Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick, Tracee Ellis Ross and Evan Ross and Meghan Trainor and Ryan Trainor—through an LOL-worthy game night.

Kevin shared at the start of the episode, "This is the show where your favorite celebrities actually make a fool out of themselves in the comfort of their very own living room."

Not only did the teams compete to win money for the charity of their choice, but they also competed for a truly unique trophy.

Nonetheless, the biggest prize of the night was all of the laughs shared between the celebrity contestants and those watching at home. Throughout the episode, we watched as contestants shared too much information with loved ones, frantically ran through their homes and so much more.

7 of the Funniest Moments From the Celebrity Game Face Premiere

Check out all of the funniest Celebrity Game Face moments below!


1. Sibling Love

For a round of "Have You Ever," competitors were tasked with guessing how their teammates would answer scandalous questions. While the pairs found themselves tied at the end of the round, Team Ross seemed to know some seriously hilarious facts about one another.

When asked by Kevin if Tracee would ever dump anyone via text, Evan moved quickly to say his sister would never do that. In fact, the ASHLEE + EVAN star said it was more likely that the Black-ish actress would reprimand him for doing that.

Ultimately, Tracee held up the "Never Have I Ever" card.

Later on in the round, the pairs switched roles and were asked another salacious question. Namely, Tracee had to answer whether Evan ever forgot the name of the person he was having sex with.

Her answer? A confident yes—and she was right!

"I'm an artist," Evan defended. "A lot of things happened up here…memory loss."


2. Lost in Translation

During a game of "Mouthing Off," contestants were given a list to read to their teammates, but could only speak through a kazoo. This activity proved difficult for Team Trainor as Ryan struggled to understand the TV shows Meghan was listing.

While the "No" singer tried her best to articulate the different shows, Ryan was confused, especially as his sister started pantomiming.

"Why are you acting out the show?" Ryan exclaimed as the countdown carried on. "I can't tell what you're acting."

After failing to get The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, both Ryan and Meghan hilariously screamed in frustration.

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3. TMI Talk With Mom

In "Hit 'Em Up," the teams had to call up a friend or family member and get said loved one to say mystery words selected by the other teams. Understandably, this resulted in many laughs, especially when Team Decker-Roddick tried to get Brooklyn's mom to say "sphincter" and "condom."

The hilarity started before the call was even placed as Brooklyn was shocked to learn that Tracee and Evan had a "Mama D" too. Of course, the Ross siblings were referring to their famous mother Diana Ross.

During the phone call, Brooklyn and Andy struggled to keep their composure.

"Are you guys drunk?" Mama D asked.

Brooklyn responded, "We are not drunk."

Yet, Andy interrupted her and said, "Of course, we're drunk!"

Unfortunately, they were unable to get both words to win the round.


4. Mad Dash Through the House

The Celebrity Game Face teams had us in stitches during the "Show Me Your Junk" challenge. This scavenger hunt activity had all three teams scurrying throughout their homes to find items teased by Kevin's riddles.

For the first round, Kevin had the pairs hunt down an item you "sleep with" at night and is "handy in a slumber party fight."

As the pairs dashed off to find bedroom pillows, many of them forgot that they were sitting next to pillows in their living rooms. After coming in third, Andy and Brooklyn found themselves in a hilarious squabble.

"You didn't grab one," Brooklyn playfully snapped.

"Because I didn't know what the f--king answer was," the famed tennis player responded. "I'm not that bright! I played sports, obviously, I don't know much."

Regardless, Brooklyn and Andy had quite the comeback as they found a 25-point item. While the sibling pairs struggled to find a screwdriver, the married duo was able to hunt it down and ring the bell, bringing them to first place in the competition.


5. The Award Ceremony

Congratulations, Andy and Brooklyn!

Although each couple ended up being able to donate to their charities, only Team Decker-Roddick got sent the Hart of a Champion trophy. As the award was a giant, gold baby that looked like Kevin Hart, their reaction was priceless!