How Adrianne Palicki & Her Friday Night Lights Co-stars Carry on the Show’s Legacy

By Allison Crist Sep 03, 2020 8:12 PMTags

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. 

E! is taking you back to Dillon, Texas this weekend with a three-day Friday Night Lights marathon, and in honor of Coach Taylor and the Panthers' return to the small screen, Adrianne Palicki stopped by Thursday, Sep. 3's Daily Pop to talk to E!'s Justin Sylvester about the show's legacy.

The pair took a look back at Adrianne's character Tyra Collette, and when Justin asked the actress if she was as dramatic as Tyra while a teenager, Adrianne gave a definitive "no."

"I was kind of a bookworm actually," she said while laughing. "I was a bit of a nerd."

Adrianne may not have found her Friday Night Lights character so relatable, but she did come to love what was at the heart of the NBC series: Texas. 

"I'm actually still in Austin," the 37-year-old star revealed. "This is where I live now because of the show."

Friday Night Lights: Where Are They Now?

And Adrianne isn't the only one! According to the actress, many of her FNL co-stars "all kind of have places here." 

"Connie Britton lives a block away from me," she said. "Taylor [Kitsch] lives, you know, [in] Lake Austin. Kyle [Chandler] lives in Dripping Springs. So we're all kind of here in Texas."

Justin was particularly interested to find out if Michael B. Jordan also resided in the Lone Star State! "I don't blame you," Adrianne replied, laughing. "I don't believe so. I love him though."

She continued, "We actually don't have scenes together. I only came back in the fifth season where as he was in the last two. Mainly my scenes were with Tim Riggins. Taylor Kitsch isn't a bad second—let's be real." 

Michael B. Jordan Hopes for "Friday Night Lights" Reunion

Later on Daily Pop, Adrianne also spoke with Justin about what she's currently up to—a lot of which has to do with voter registration at the moment!

"I'm working with #GoodToVote," she noted, expressing that she's "so sad" about low voter registration, especially for those "under the age of 30."

So, she's providing an incentive for people to register.

"If you go to Headcount.org/Adrianne, if I get 500 people to register then I will do a live chat with an Orville co-star," she said, referring to the Seth MacFarlane series she currently stars in. "And if I get 1,000 people to register, I will do a livestream of getting another tattoo."

Stars Vote in the 2020 Presidential Election

Talk about dedication!

Justin suggested she up the ante with the tattoo incentive, allowing someone to pick what she gets should she reach 5,000 voter registrations. 

"It's totally gonna be a penis and it's totally gonna be pretty!" he joked.

Watch the complete Daily Pop interview in the above clip, and don't miss E!'s Friday Night Lights marathon this weekend starting Friday at 5 a.m.