Watch Erin Lim Peg Dodgeball Thunderdome Co-Host David Dobrik With Balls

BingE! Club host Erin Lim went head-to-head with her Dodgeball Thunderdome co-host David Dobrik! Watch it all play out.

By Alyssa Ray Aug 18, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: David Dobrik & Erin Lim Team Up for "Dodgeball Thunderdome"

The comedic duo we didn't know we needed.

In this clip from E!'s Snapchat series BingE! Club, viewers get a taste of host Erin Lim's new Discovery show, Dodgeball Thunderdome, which premieres Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. For an exclusive chat with YouTube sensation and Dodgeball Thunderdome co-host David Dobrik, the two stars are tasked with selling the new competition series in an elevator pitch.

The prize? The winner gets to peg the loser with, you guessed it, dodgeballs.

"Ok, David. The success of the show pretty much depends on our elevator pitch," the BingE! Club host explains to the internet star. "So, we have to let the audience know in 15 seconds why they should watch this show. And, whoever does a better job, gets to peg the other with dodgeballs."

While David says he's ready to "go for it," Erin asks for a quick look at her "notes." In typical David fashion, he uses this opportunity to hilariously roast the E! personality.

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Feigning outrage, David expresses, "You have notes?"

Before starting her pitch, Erin reminds David to not blow the blow horn in her ear.

He retorts, "I know how these work!"

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If we're being honest, we're living for this sibling-esque dynamic.

Although Erin starts off strong, telling viewers "Dodgeball Thunderdome is not your typical dodgeball show," she stutters over saying dodgeball a second time. Once again, David is given an opportunity to roast Erin.

"Dodgebage?!" he exclaims. "But what is it? Is it dodgeball or dodgebage?"

Since David feels Erin's pitch "wasn't good," he claims he can say "whatever I want now." However, he quickly learns that the pitch is a lot harder than it looks.

Like Erin, David starts out strong, but stops halfway through out of fear of the blow horn.

He adds, "I'm just scared that you're gonna press it."

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Ultimately, as seen at the start of the clip, the two are able to accurately describe the show.

David states, "In one sentence: It's Wipeout but with dodgeballs. So, it's people running through a course and they're getting hit by dodgeballs of all shapes and sizes."

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Still, Erin has the best elevator pitch and the honor of hilariously pegging David with dodgeballs.

Despite David's declaration that Erin only gets one throw, she pegs him with many dodgeballs. In a hilarious turn of events, David gets his revenge by nailing Erin with one of her rouge dodgeballs.

Watch it play out in the footage above!

Dodgeball Thunderdome premieres Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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