Denise Richards Slams Her RHOBH Co-Stars as "Mean Girls" in Explosive Preview

In this exclusive clip from tonight's RHOBH, Denise Richards sounded off on her castmates amid their drama in Rome!

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That's not amore.

In this exclusive clip from tonight's all-new The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards confronts her co-stars for being "mean girls" while abroad in Rome, Italy.

"This has been, probably, the worst trip I've ever been on in my entire life," the Wild Things actress sounds off. "That is the truth."

As she continues, Denise declares that she doesn't "deserve" the treatment she's received from her fellow Housewives. In response to this claim, Kyle Richards asks for Denise to clarify who has been attacking her.

The RHOBH OG adds, "I did not attack you."

Denise disagrees with this stance and accuses Kyle of dragging up the Brandi Glanville drama.

"You drag in Brandi, that's not f--king cool," she says. "And you know what, it has gotten to the point—this is the god's honest truth—where it is mean girls."

As fans of the show may recall, earlier this season, Brandi told Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp that she allegedly had an affair with the former Bond girl. Denise denied the allegation during one of the group's dinners in Rome.

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Back at the dinner table, the ladies react to being called, "mean girls." And it's safe to say that they're not happy with the new label.

"If being a mean girl is standing up and saying how you feel and not backing down from that, well then, I'm a motherf--king mean girl," Erika Jayne sounds off in a confessional. "'Till the day I f--king die."

Meanwhile, Teddi tells Denise she's "glad" the actress shared her feelings, but proceeds to call her "sh--ty" for calling them mean girls.

Denise defends, "That is my experience and observation."

Per Lisa Rinna, this particular label is a trigger for many of the ladies as they were labeled "mean girls" during their falling out with Lisa Vanderpump.

She notes to the RHOBH camera, "It's a cop-out, it's easy to say that and she knows that that's not cool."

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After Denise claims that she's been bombarded by the group, Dorit Kemsley attempts to keep the peace.

Dorit states, "I don't believe anyone wants to hurt you deliberately, I really don't."

In response, Denise retorts, "That I disagree with."

While Dorit tries to explain her perspective, Garcelle Beauvais, who has quietly been supporting Denise, interrupts asking for a minute.

"I want to hear you, but I'll be back," the Coming to America actress declares before leaving the table abruptly.

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And, as if Kyle is reading our minds, she asks in a confessional: "What's up with the dramatic exit?"

Watch the tense dinner play out in the exclusive clip above!

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