Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Share Sweet Memories During Good Burger Reunion

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell shared memories from working on the beloved Nickelodeon movie Good Burger during Drew Barrymore’s “Drew’s Movie Nite” special.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 31, 2020 6:17 PMTags

All together now: "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?"

Good Burger alums Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell found themselves reciting the iconic line as they reunited remotely in honor of Drew Barrymore's inaugural "Drew's Movie Nite" on Nickelodeon Thursday.

For the premiere of Barrymore's series, the network aired the beloved 1997 Nickelodeon comedy, which brought the two actors' All That sketch characters to life on the big screen all those years ago. 

In celebration of the special night, the comedians reflected on their hit sketch and starring in the movie—Mitchell's first ever. 

"'Good Burger' started to gain a lot of steam. A lot of musical guests wanted to be in the 'Good Burger' sketches," he recalled to Barrymore. "Kenan was very helpful for me, too, because this was my first movie."

At the time, Thompson already had several movie credits to his name, including two sequels of The Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights. Still, both men remember the moment they first saw themselves together on a giant-sized billboard for the film, which featured them surfing on a pickle and tomato. As they told Barrymore, the-then teenagers had been driving down Sunset Boulevard when they spotted themselves and pulled over to take pictures. 

Nickelodeon Stars Then and Now

The talk show host also asked the men about the Kenan and Kel 2020 T-shirts that are available to buy and what a Kenan and Kel presidency would actually look like. 

Mitchell joked, "There would be a lot of orange soda involved."

On a more serious note, Thompson added, "I would really want to just settle down all of the anxiety, but also all of the anger and misinformation."

And, as Mitchell sweetly summarized, "Make love mandatory."

While they're of course not actual candidates in the upcoming 2020 election, they may finally star in a sequel more than two decades later. As Thompson, who was just nominated for an Emmy for his performance on Saturday Night Live, told E!'s Scott Tweedie on HappE! Hour, "It's in the works."

"It's all in talks," the star elaborated. "So hopefully the numbers can match up to everybody's expectations and we can get it done, basically. But, yeah, there's talks being had is I guess all I can say about that."