Pregnant Katy Perry Sets the Record Straight on Jennifer Aniston Godmother Rumors

After a report spread claiming Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had asked Jennifer Aniston to be the godmother of their baby girl, the singer addressed the rumors on KIIS1065's Kyle and Jackie O.

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Watch: Katy Perry Addresses Jennifer Aniston Godmother Rumors

Is Jennifer Aniston going to be the godmother of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's baby girl? The singer set the record straight on Monday's episode of KIIS1065's Kyle and Jackie O.

Last week, a report spread claiming the 35-year-old singer and the 43-year-old actor had asked the 51-year-old actress to fulfill the honor. Aniston seemed to read the rumor, too.

"She texted us, because we are friendly with her and Orlando is one of her good friends, and we were like, 'Wow! This is a wild rumor,'" Perry said. "I mean, God knows, she's, you know, with her, she's had everything said about her. But I guess this is a fun rumor. But no, we have no idea where it came from. But, you know, that is the product of the media and the internet. You should definitely believe everything that you read."

Perry announced her pregnancy in March and revealed the sex of the child in April.

Katy Perry's Pregnancy Style

Since then, she's continued to keep fans updated on her pregnancy journey, such as by discussing her cravings and posting photos of her baby bump

"I'm really grateful for my body, and I have so much respect for women. And obviously going through this process is like, you know, you get a whole new viewpoint," Perry also told the radio hosts. "But everything is swollen. My hands are swollen. My feet are starting to swell. It's starting to get to that point."

It certainly has been a busy time for the 13-time Grammy nominee. In addition to preparing to welcome her first child, the artist has been working on new music. The "Roar" star is set to release a record on August 14.

"The record is very hopeful thematically and joyful," Perry said. "It's about this period of coming out of, you know, a really dark period of my life of two years of being clinically depressed and finding hope and optimism and light at the end of the tunnel and having to kind of write these songs while I was in that funk."

In terms of "sonic choices," Perry said the album is "75 percent Prism and 25 percent Teenage Dream."

"It's really pure pop," Perry said. "It's fun and it's up."

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To listen to her full interview, listen to the video above.