Amy Schumer Reveals Whether She Misses Her "Ho Days"

By Alyssa Ray Jul 09, 2020 9:45 PMTags

Is Amy Schumer America's "cool older sister"?

After watching the comedian's appearance on today's Daily Pop, fans will have to answer with a resounding yes. While promoting her new HBO Max docu-series, Expecting Amy, Amy gave E!'s own Justin Sylvester an update on her family, which includes husband Chris Fischer and their 1-year-old son Gene

"We're really good," Amy exclusively told Justin.

Although Justin couldn't be happier for Amy, he joked that her marriage had him carrying "the torch that you left behind—because Trainwreck 2 needed to happen." Thus, he couldn't help but ask if the now wife and mother missed her single days.

"I mean, yes and no. Because, like, I don't have the energy for my ho days anymore, you know? Like, listening to somebody's boring stories and drinking and all night and then you go home…I'm too tired," she responded. "But, you know, there's like an energy about it that, of course, you miss."

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Amy has routinely poked fun at dating highs and lows in various projects, including Inside Amy Schumer, Mostly Sex Stuff, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special and more.

She quipped, "Now I just have to be a ho with my husband."

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The interview took a more serious tone when Amy declared that 2020 has been "a heartbreaking time for a million reasons." However, the Trainwreck actress and screenwriter has found one silver lining amid the coronavirus pandemic, she and her husband are spending quality time with their son.

As to how Amy and Chris will explain this historic year to their little one? The I Feel Pretty actress plans to be nothing but candid with her son.

"Well, I think we're gonna probably keep it pretty real with Gene when he's old enough," Amy stated on how she'll explain 2020 to her son. "You know, I did get arrested while I was pregnant with him, so he's already been arrested."


As E! readers may recall, in October 2018, a pregnant Amy and model-actress Emily Ratajkowski were arrested alongside others protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.‏

She continued, "I go to a protest every morning at 10:30 and he comes with me a lot. So, he'll know all about Black Lives Matter."

In the future, Amy said she hopes Gene "doesn't even believe me when I tell him how awful things were."

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Amy isn't one to shy away from tough topics, which is why she's partnered with Tampax to raise awareness about female personal health.

"I wanted to take the shame out of it because we all get it," she relayed. "Unless you have a cool older sister or somebody showing you, you don't know how to put a damn Tampax in."

You can learn more about the partnership here.

Expecting Amy is out now on HBO Max.