7 of the Funniest Moments From the Celebrity Game Face Premiere

By Allison Crist Jul 07, 2020 3:30 AMTags
Watch: Kevin Hart Hosts as Celeb Couples Battle It Out on "Celebrity Game Face"

Non-stop laughs!

Monday night marked the premiere of the all-new E! special Celebrity Game Face, A.K.A. "the show where your favorite famous couples go head-to-head in some crazy ass challenges, all from the confinements of their crib," as host Kevin Hart put it. 

Throughout the special, Kevin and his wife Eniko Parrish guided all of the contestants—Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca; Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams; and Joel McHale and Sarah Williams—as they competed to win money for the charity of their choice.

Oh, and a very unique trophy.

Along the way, each couple experienced hilarious ups and downs, from a food challenge resulting in a rushed bathroom break to a cheating attempt gone wrong.

There were also a number of humorous confessions, including one that involves a drunken experience on the New York City subway!

Check out all of the funniest Celebrity Game Face moments below!

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1. Joel Making Fun of Kevin

The former Soup host found a way to poke fun at Kevin—and his filmography—throughout the entire episode!

"Kevin, I just have one question. Why is Ride Along 3 being made?" Joel asked with a stern look on his face. "I didn't even want a '2' and now we're getting a '3'?"

Later, he compared the pain of Rebecca breaking her jaw and getting it wired shut to that of watching Grudge Match.

Thankfully, Kevin did manage to get back at Joel a couple of times. For example, after it was announced that a category was "actors," Kevin made sure to clarify, "Joel's not in this."

"How dare you!" Joel responded. "I was in Spy Kids 4."

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2. Sarah's Confession

During a round of, "Who Dunnit?" contestants had to guess whether Sarah or Wells had once "urinated on a subway track," as the latter described it. 

Joel, despite saying that the "obvious choice would be Wells because, as you can see, he's filthy," guessed Sarah.

Terry and Rebecca, on the other hand, didn't buy that Sarah could logistically pull something like that off, so they picked Wells.

As it turns out, Sarah was the guilty one! 

"It was 4 a.m. in Brooklyn. The L train," Sarah explained. "I was a little bit inebriated—or a lot. And I really had to pee. But you know, the L train never comes!"

3. Terry Beats the Odds

Rebecca certainly has faith in her husband! One game required contestants to bid on the number of balloons they think their partner could pop in 15 seconds, and as Kevin ran the auction, Rebecca just kept holding up her paddle. Eventually, the agreed upon number became 10!

If that seems low, keep in mind that players could only use their butt.

Luckily, Terry was up for the challenge. He ended up popping his last balloon at the one-second mark, cutting it close enough for Kevin to demand an instant replay. 

But the results were conclusive: He did it!

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4. Big Challenge, Tiny Hands

Things got messy when the couples had to prepare and eat dishes of spaghetti (that Kevin claimed he made himself), all while using tiny doll hands! The entire game of "Helping Hands" was hilarious, but nothing beat Wells running to the bathroom and leaving Sarah to finish the spaghetti herself. 

Surprisingly, Sarah managed to take second place!

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5. The McHales Get a New Team Member

Joel showed off his moves during a game known as "TikTalk," in which one person watches and verbally describes a TikTok dance, while the other has to carry out the moves using only their partner's directions. But it was his dog that ended up stealing the show!

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6. Cheater, Cheater

After losing what seemed like every game, Terry and Rebecca nearly made a last-minute comeback during the scavenger hunt challenge. Kevin read the clue—"I've spent so much time on your body, you've worn a hole in me"—prompting Terry to quickly retrieve a sock and be the first one back. 

However, when Kevin asked for proof that the sock did indeed have a hole in it, it became clear that Terry was trying to poke one right then and there!

"You gotta be smoother with cheating if you're gonna cheat!" Kevin told him.

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7. The Awards Ceremony

Congratulations, Joel and Sarah! Each couple ended up being able to donate to the charity of their choice, but it was just the McHales who got to take home the grand trophy: a giant, gold baby with the words "Hart of a Champion."