Loren Gray, Rosa and More TikTok Stars You Need to Follow Right Now

From Loren Gray, Rosa, Marlene Mendez and more... these are the 12 TikTok stars you need to follow right now. Check them out!

By Pamela Avila Apr 05, 2020 1:00 PMTags
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Dudelet me find out... you're not on TikTok yet. 

Whether you're more of an Instagram or Twitter type of person, odds are that you've come across a TikTok video, dance or other viral trend originated within the platform at least once. Either you've seen the Renegade dance, the Savage challenge, viral recipes like the latest Dalgona coffee (better known as "whipped coffee" for all the TikTokers) or you've also seen your favorite celebrities join in on the TikTok fun. 

But it's not all dancing, lip syncing videos and memes on the app, it's also become a space where users (of all ages) can let their creativity run wild. 

 On one end you can find celebrities like Mariah CareyWill SmithOzuna, and Reese Witherspoon on the app, but on the other, you can also find art teachers (like @cassie_stephens), medical professionals, cooks, construction workers (like @justaconstructionguy) and more. 

Case in point: there's no shortage of content on a platform with over 800 million active users. 

Now, let's go straight to the source and follow some of TikTok's biggest stars and most popular creators.

If you're in the mood to watch Rosa's antics on the app, learn the latest dance trends from Charlie D'Amelio or simply need a pick-me-up from Vinny the Twister, these creators will fulfill your TikTok fix. 

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Check out our list of TikTok's biggest stars you need to be following right now! 


Everyone has crossed paths with someone like Rosa at some point in their lives. And odds are that you've come across Rosa on TikTok or in some other corner of the Internet. Rosa's character, executed flawlessly by 20-year-old Adam Ray Okay, has not only become on of the highest followed creators on the platform—with over 4.7 million followers—but has also become one the most quoted and the most recreated. You've probably seen Rosa make her debut on other creators' channels like Marlene Mendez and Carlos Pereda. Most recently, the young creator behind Rosa spoke with PAPER magazine about what inspired him to get on TikTok, "I had downloaded the TikTok app and I was just scrolling, doing my thing. I wasn't really thinking of making my own content. And then I just got inspired by myself, my childhood growing up and, like you said, everybody knows this Rosa character and I felt that she had been forgotten about... So once I brought her back, everybody was just so familiar with her and that's why I felt she did really well." So let me find out, you still haven't followed Rosa on TikTok after this. Open your... TikTok app and follow her duuude

To watch more of Rosa on TikTok go here

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio

This duo is one to be reckoned with. Between the two, Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio are TikTok's most beloved stars with over 100 million followers. The younger of the two, Charli, 15, is on the platform regularly—always hitting the mark with her "Say So" by Doja Cat dance or her moves to Megan Thee Stallion's "Captain Hook." Name the TikTok dance or challenge and Charli will nail it. Meanwhile, Dixie, 19, is a singer and model who has her own unique style when it comes to being on the platform. But outside of their infectious TikTok videos, the two recently told The Face that they more goals in mind. Charli is down for "anything to do with J.Lo. I really look up to her. She's my idol and has been my idol for a very long time. She's a performer, I'm a performer. Obviously not on the same level, but just to be in the same room as her. That's a dream," she told the publication. On the other hand, Dixie is "just finding my path and what I'm working on right now" but she's interested in "maybe movies or TV." 

To watch more of Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio on TikTok go here. 

Vinny the Twister

Vinny the Twister, or Vicente Avila, is the epitome of a wholesome content creator. The 45-year-old TikToker and father of three is known for his fun, creative, motivating and inspiring videos—from sharing some great entrepreneurial tips, quick balloon animal tutorials, snippets of time with his family or when he opens up about his mental health, Avila is unlike any other creator on the platform. "Hey guys, I just got out of work and this is the beginning of the weekend so I am pretty happy to go see my family, I'm not coming back to work until Monday and I just wanted to let you know something guys, enjoy your family while you can because you never know what's going to happen right," he says in one video, before signing off with his signature phrase. "I'm pretty happy because I'm just going home and I need to see my kids, my family and be happy... alright you guys, stay safe, and see you later alligator!" 

To watch more Vinny the Twister on TikTok go here

Loren Gray

Loren Gray might not be the most followed creator on TikTok anymore (Charli D'Amelio surpassed her on March, 2020), her 41 million loyal followers on the platform only continue to grow. But wait, you might also recognize the 17-year-old creator from her most recent appearance on Taylor Swift's music video for "The Man," along with other TikTokers like Dominic Toliver and Jayden Bartels. Earlier this year, the young singer and social media personality also spoke to E! News about what it meant to star in Swift's music video. "The song is so powerful in itself and the music video concept is so brilliant [...] in terms of me being in the video, if you would have told me four years ago that I would be in a Taylor Swift music video, I probably would have been like you're lying," Loren expressed. "So I say anything is possible and I'm living proof of that."

To watch more of Loren Gray on TikTok go here.

Iris Beilin

While 30-year-old Iris Beilin was a popular beauty influencer on YouTube first, she's proof that you don't always have to stay in the same lane. With over 361K followers and 6 million likes, the beauty vlogger has been showing off her TikTok chops since 2018 but it hasn't been until recently that she's been using her account more regularly to tap into the latest platform trends. Whether you need a quick makeup tutorial under 60 seconds, an easy DIY snack recipe, some quick laughs or tips on how to wash your makeup spongers (which received over 10 million views)—Beilin continues to show off her amazing personality and hilarious antics on TikTok. And of course, Beilin's adorable pup Osito makes an appearance here and there! 

To watch more of Iris Beilin on TikTok go here

Jalaiah Harmon

Jalaiah Harmon took TikTok by storm. Whether you're new to the platform or spend your time on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, chances are you've seen one of the most viral dance to date: the Renegade. Set to the song "Lottery" by K Camp, the viral dance was created by the 14-year-old, who resides in the suburbs of Atlanta. However, she wasn't always the one to capitalize on the attention or bask in the recognition. "I was happy when I saw my dance all over," Harmon recently told The New York Times in an interview. "But I wanted credit for it." Now, with over 2 million followers and 18 million likes on TikTok, Harmon continues to remind her followers of her impeccable dance skills and show off what she's made of. 

To watch more of Jalaiah Harmon on TikTok go here

Marlene Mendez

From getting their hair and nails done together, calling each other up for some chisme, trying not to fight each other's nemesis' at the high school party, to simply eating Hot Cheetos together like the best of friends—Marlene Mendez is Rosa's ride or die. But aside from her constant appearances on Rosa's TikTok videos, Marlene is a TikTok star in her own right. You can find her showing off her #SavageChallenge dance moves or slaying with her best beauty looks, you name it. 

To watch more of Marlene Mendez on TikTok go here

Jayden Bartels

Jayden Bartels is a 15-year-old dancer, actress and TikTok star with 8 million followers and counting. Oh, and the young singer and songwriter also made an epic appearance in Taylor Swfit's "The Man" music video earlier this year, along with a handful of other TikTok creators. After the release of the music video, Swift took to Twitter to gush about Bartels, writing, "Every time I see you in the video I just GRIN because you were so good and so awesome to be around. Thank you SO much for being a part of it!!!" Now, head on over to TikTok and watch more of Bartels' dancing and feel good videos. 

To watch more of Jayden Bartels on TikTok go here

Jonathan Chavez

Some might say that Jonathan Chavez, better known as @paqjonathan or @paqjonathan69 on social media, walked so Rosa could run. After all, the two rock the signature towel or t-shirt over their head as hair. The 20-year-old comedian and content creator has over 657K followers on TikTok and is the epitome of relatable when it comes to impersonating quinceñeras, Latina moms and what we think we look like when we're dancing along to Shakira. In a recent interview with Mitú, Chavez said, "In the beginning, all my sketch ideas came from my mom, but then I started to expand more into the Hispanic community because I wanted to make videos that almost every Latino could relate to. They usually come naturally, I don't have a script or anything, but sometimes I'll brainstorm." 

To watch more of Jonathan Chavez on TikTok go here

Haley Sharpe

Didn't even notice, no punches left to roll with, you got to keep me focused, you want it, say so? You know the song and you also know the iconic TikTok dance to Doja Cat's "Say So" by the one and only Haley Sharpe. The wide-eyed 17-year-old not only went viral for creating the dance back in December 2019 but she also made an appearance in Doja Cat's '70s-themed video. "WOW!! thank you SO MUCH @dojacat for having me in the Say So music video. you're amazing!! this is unreal and it was just such a dream AAH♥️♥️ (for everyone asking, i didn't pet the tiger)," wrote the TikToker on Instagram

To watch more of Haley Sharpe on TikTok go here.

Dominic Toliver

Dominic Toliver knows how to make a good TikTok. The 26-year-old creator's comedic sketches have helped him garner over 9 million fans on the platform. Aside from making trending TikTok's, he's also an aspiring model and actor. And if you were ever on the Vine app, then you might recognize Toliver from there too! So you know it's real. 

To watch more of Dominic Toliver on TikTok go here

Michael Le


Michael Le might only be 20-years-old but he's already one of the most creative and talented creators you'll see on TikTok. From his viral TikTok dance challenge mash-up video to having his little siblings' make adorable cameos—Michael's page is full of the best takes on every TikTok challenge. The social media personality also makes content for YouTube, Instagram and YouNow. 

To watch more of Michael Le on TikTok go here.