How Katy Perry "Saved" Her Life After Her 2017 Breakup From Orlando Bloom

"It was so important for me to be broken so that I could find my wholeness in a whole different way," Katy Perry said after detailing her experience during her 2017 breakup with Orlando Bloom.

By Alyssa Morin Jun 29, 2020 10:31 PMTags
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Katy Perry recently opened up about one of the most difficult times in her life.

The 35-year-old pop star got refreshingly honest about how she felt during her brief breakup from Orlando Bloom in 2017. While the two are now happily engaged and expecting their first child together, Katy recalled when things weren't picture-perfect.

"I lost my smile," the songstress said in a recent interview with SiriusXM's CBC Radio One. "I don't know if my smile was ever fully, authentically mine but I was riding on the high of a smile for a long time. Which was the validation, love and admiration from the outside world... and then that shifted."

"My career was on this trajectory when it was going up, up and up, and then I had the smallest shift, not that huge from an outside perspective. But for me it was seismic," she explained. "I had broken up with my boyfriend, who is now my baby-daddy-to-be, and then I was excited about flying high off the next record and the record didn't get me high anymore."

Katy Perry's Pregnancy Style

"The validation didn't get me high, and so I just crashed," she added.

For Katy, that time in her life "literally broke [her] in half." She shared how she healed and grew from that experience.

"It was so important for me to be broken so that I could find my wholeness in a whole different way. And be more dimensional than just living my life like a thirsty pop star all the time," she expressed.

The American Idol judge credited her strong faith and gratitude practices as the key factors for getting her out of her "sadness."

"Gratitude is probably the thing that saved my life, because if I didn't find that, I would have wallowed in my own sadness and probably just jumped," she shared. "But I found the ways to be grateful. If it gets really, really hard I walk around and say, 'I am grateful, I am grateful' even though I am in a s--t mood."

This isn't the first time Katy has opened up about her mental health struggles.

Last month, she took to Twitter to express her feelings with depression. "Sometimes I don't know what's worse trying to avoid the virus or the waves of depression that come with this new norm," she wrote.

During the SHEIN Together livestream in May, she admitted, "I cry when just doing simple tasks."

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"I think a lot of that is hormonal and I'm not used to being around so many people all in a confined [or] a small space for so long. I'm used to going [out] all the time," she explained at the time. "There is not really anywhere to go besides my car... So I go to my car a lot. That is my safe space." 

Along with getting candid about her mental health during pregnancy, Katy also revealed what it's been like quarantining with Orlando. "If you love me during quarantine, you can love me any other time," the 35-year-old star quipped during an Instagram Live with Cyn in May.

Jokes aside, Katy talked about her fiancé and how having a life-long partner is a reflection of you. "You're gonna always be working on yourself and your relationship... Your partner is your mirror," she said.

"I don't know about you, but sometimes if you get me in front of those magnifying mirrors at a hotel, all [of] the sudden I see my pores and whiskers," she continued. "I won't leave the hotel room—I'll be late for something by 30 minutes because I cannot believe I'm seeing all of these things I never saw... that I might need to take care of."

"Don't put a magnifying mirror that close to my face, but that's what your partner is," she said.

Watch Katy's recent interview with SiriusXM's CBC Radio One in the video above.