See Pregnant Katy Perry's Baby Girl Give Her the Middle Finger in Hilarious Ultrasound Video

Katy Perry received a hilarious shout-out from her and Orlando Bloom's baby girl during her recent ultrasound, where the little one appeared to flip her off. See the surprising moment here.

By emily belfiore May 11, 2020 3:30 PMTags
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It looks like Katy Perry's baby girl already has her sense of humor.

On Sunday, the mom-to-be got a hilarious Mother's Day shout-out from her and Orlando Bloom's daughter in her Instagram post, which featured footage from on her recent ultrasounds where the couple's little bundle of joy appeared to be flipping Perry off during her check-up.

"Oh, my God, that's so funny. She's literally giving me the middle finger," the "Teenage Dream" singer can be heard saying in the video. She captioned the post: "when your unborn daughter gives you a middle finger from the womb you know you're in for it #happymothersdaytome."

Earlier in the night, Perry took part in Disney's Mother's Day-inspired The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II and sang the lullaby "Baby Mine" from Dumbo. To perform the heartwarming song, she dressed up as the beloved elephant's mom and serenaded her dog Nugget, who was sporting a Dumbo costume of his own.

Katy Perry's Pregnancy Style

Two months ago, the American Idol judge and Pirates of the Caribbean star announced that they were expecting their first child together during Perry's "Never Worn White" music video. Since then, she has been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy with plenty of snaps of her growing bump.

During a Facebook Live, she opened up about being pregnant during the pandemic, telling fans that it's forced her to "slow down."

"I think, in a weird way, being on lockdown has forced me to slow down—which is probably, in turn, really good while I'm growing a child," Perry shared. "And it's forced me to find even more balance. Because, when I have a child, I will still be at home, basically, and I'm not used to that. I'm used to, like, jet setting everywhere." She added, "I was planning on bringing lots of bumping looks pre-quarantine, but now we're all just shooting from our home."


Around the same time, a source close to the expectant parents shared with E! News that they've had the health crisis has been creating some anxieties. "They've had ups and downs like anyone else. It's hard to be stuck at home and anxious about staying healthy. It's been a little stressful for Katy being pregnant during this health crisis," the insider explained, adding that the pandemic has forced the pair to "adjust their lifestyle and everything they do," which "hasn't been easy, but they are also grateful for this time and being able to slow down and really be together."

"Once the baby comes, they know it will not be quiet like this ever again," the source continued. And though the current world events aren't ideal, the insider says it's allowed Katy to take a break from her work obligations and take things "one day at a time."

Together, the source said they are really "trying to appreciate everything," especially the fact "that they are healthy and that she can look forward to becoming a mom."