Millie Bobby Brown’s Hair Guru Shares How to Extend Your Blowout in 6 Easy Steps

Celebrity hairstylist and guru Adir Abergel broke down his go-to tips for extending a blowout at home exclusively with E! News' Liliana Vazquez during his visit to The Lockdown.

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Nothing feels better than getting a good blowout. And if you styled your hair yourself, successfully maintaining that salon-quality smoothness and volume throughout the week is a major victory.

Stuck on how to enjoy your blowout for more than one day? Celebrity hair guru and Virtue Labs Creative Director Adir Abergel, who has worked with stars like Millie Bobby Brown, Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon, shared his tips and tricks for extending a blowout on 2nd and 3rd day hair, telling E! News' Liliana Vazquez that it all comes down to your prep. 

"I think if you're going to take time in general and invest time in blow drying your hair, which is a nightmare by itself. It's an investment in your day," he explained during his visit to The Lockdown. "You want to make sure that you are prepping your hair properly and you are using the right products and that you are not using the right things that are too oily that way your hair doesn't last."

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Tip 1: Create a strong foundation

"If you don't create the right foundation, it's going to collapse immediately," he says. "When it collapses, it's very hard–all of that investment that you put into it–to make it last. So, day one of your blowout, you want to make sure that you create the right foundation. Before blow drying your hair, Abergel recommends using a product like Virtue's Volumizing Primer, which is designed to create the perfect foundation to your hair before styling. 

Tip 2: Swap your pillowcases

"If you are going to bed and you want your blowout to start lasting, I would probably use a silk pillowcase," Abergel suggests. "A beautiful silk pillow won't create any traction in their hair. It will make their blowout last a lot longer. You won't get as much breakage." 


Tip 3: Scrunchies over elastics 

"The second thing that I would say is when you go to bed, go to sleep with a very, very loose top knot," he says. "I would probably use a scrunchie."

Tip 4: Add some volume with dry shampoo

Abergel recommends opting for a dry shampoo on your day 2 hair to restore some of its volume. When choosing a dry shampoo, he prefers "clean" straightforward formulas like Virtue's Refresh Dry Shampoo, which soaks up oils and adds an instant lift to the strands without adding a texturizing effect.

"You're going to lift the hair and I would spray it in sections very loosely," he explained as he demonstrated the technique on a mannequin. "Now, we've left it, let's say for like a minute or two, then you're going to take your fingertips and that's when you start running your fingers through your hair and that's how all of the oils are going to get soaked up into it. The secret is you have to wait at least a minute before doing that. So, that's what I would say for day 2, 3 and maybe even like 4 on the dry shampoo situation." 

Tip 5: Let your post-workout hair be

Instead of piling product into the sweaty sections of your hair, Abergel suggests blow drying your roots to refresh its volume. "The problem is people overuse product and they overuse product in the beginning," he says. "Honestly, I don't even like to use any kind of pomades, any kind of creams."

Tip 6: When in doubt, tie it back

Around day 3, Abergel says that opting for a sleek updos will help extend your blowout while also helping you switch up your look. "[The lift] literally changes the entire shape of her head," he explains, noting that dry shampoo is welcome at this stage. 

Watch Abergel break down all of his blowout tips in the video above!