Brie Bella Asks Nikki If She's Ready to Marry Artem Chigvintsev: See Her Response

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Watch: Would Nikki Say Yes to a Proposal From Artem?

A sisterly spat.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are no longer the only ones affected by their hot-and-cold relationship. In this sneak-peek of tonight's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki's twin sister Brie Bella prods her to admit where she and her boyfriend stand, and whether or not she sees the two of them ever getting married. 

The confrontation comes after Nikki tells Brie about the conversation she had with Artem about freezing her eggs.

"I just said I'm gonna freeze my eggs. I'm not gonna put his sperm in it and then create an embryo and freeze it," Nikki explains. "It made me feel really bad telling him. I just see it so much in his eyes when he gets so upset and I hate that."

According to Brie, Artem's feelings are valid—especially since Nikki has a tendency to make him think she's more committed than she really is: "It's because you get drunk and you promise him the world."

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Nikki, however, simply says that she wants to be with someone who sees "a hopeful future" like she does.

Then comes the ultimate question.

"Yeah, but, if Artem were to propose to you tomorrow, would you say yes?" Brie asks.

Nikki halfheartedly responds, "I don't know..." when Brie cuts her off to say, "That means no."

"Look, I want to marry Artem, but not today," Nikki adds.

In a confessional, Brie vents her frustrations with her twin.

"I feel like forever, my sister just really wanted to be a wife and a mother. But every time she gets close to that, she freaks out," Brie explains. "And I actually feel like my sister's really afraid of commitment. My sister's afraid to be tied down and I think it comes from my parents' relationship."

She continues, "But my sister loves Artem with all her heart. So I feel like I need to push my sister to commitment, so I want to help Artem."

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Speaking to her sister, Brie tells her that she not only feels bad for Artem, but that Nikki needs to understand that "someone like him" isn't going to take decisions about having kids or moving in together lightly. 

"You know, I already feel bad enough about everything I've done with Artem and, like, what I said to him," Nikki tells the Total Bellas cameras after her conversation with Brie. "I don't need Brie guilt tripping me and making me feel terrible."

Nikki adds that she doesn't "do well with pressure," which has been how she's feeling about her relationship lately.

"When I feel like I'm pressured, I just shut down," she says. "I just wish Brie could understand my side a little more and not always just be sticking up for Artem. I don't know. I just feel kind of alone in this."

Watch more of the back-and-forth in the above clip!

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