Corey La Barrie's YouTube Partner Breaks His Silence After Tragic Death

The YouTube community continues to mourn the death of Corey La Barrie, his YouTube partner Crawford Collins took to Instagram to mourn a friend. A new GoFundMe page has also been created for La Barrie

By Pamela Avila May 12, 2020 9:51 PMTags
Watch: YouTuber Corey La Barrie Dies in Car Crash on 25th Birthday

YouTube star Corey La Barrie died on Sunday, May 10. He was a victim of a drunk-driving accident. 

On Monday afternoon, the late YouTube star's mother and brother confirmed the news in separate social media posts. The tragic accident took place on his 25th birthday. 

Corey's brother Jarrad La Barrie shared: "This isn't something i thought i would ever have to sit here and type out for a very long time or what i wanna do right now but everyone deserves to know, my brother Corey passed away last night in a car accident with his drunk friend driving." 

As the YouTube community continues to mourn the death of Corey, his "brother/best friend/channel partner" took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to pay tribute. 

"From the the 1st day I met you you've done nothing but push me to be a better person and help me out any chance you had," wrote Crawford Collins on Instagram, alongside a picture of the two. "Anytime i needed help with a video or had no money to call an uber or needed a place to stay you were always the 1st one to help me out and the same would go for any of your friends that needed the same." 

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He added, "You are the perfect example of a supportive friend and what everyone is saying about you supports that 1000x over. You always lived life to the fullest (even though it often got us into some trouble) and those memories we share I will cherish forever. I'm gonna miss you yelling at me to "edit the video!" or you asking me "did you send in the footage?" and I wish more then anything that we could have accomplished all the big plans that we had for the future. But I take comfort in knowing how many people you impacted positively in such a short time and because of that your legacy will live forever. I've never been much of a writer and I could speak for hours about how much you've impacted me and everyone around you but i'll end this one here. You're a legend bro. Love you always."

Since the tragic accident, a GoFundMe page has also been created the YouTube star's memorial fund. 

The page reads: "Corey will be missed not only by his family and friends, but by the hundreds of thousands of supporters and subscribers he shared his life with on his social platforms. He was truly an open book, loved by all, and always welcoming to anyone new. He was tenacious in his ventures and brought an undeniably fun and engaging energy to everything he did. Corey served as a light to brighten up anyone's day with endless entertainment, laughter and unwavering love."

The statement reads that the last thing the organizers want Corey's family to experience is more burdens during an already difficult time. 

"As you can imagine, the family is grieving right now and the last thing we want them to worry about is finances," the page reads. "Memorial expenses are only the beginning for Corey's family. While we may not be able to release Corey's family of their emotional burdens, we can come together and do what we can to relieve them of some of the financial hardship and what will be a new reality to exist in." 

The GoFundMe has already raised $69,979 of the $150,000 goal and over 3,500 have donated. 

On Monday, E! News also learned that tattoo artist Daniel Silva is in police custody in connection to the car crash that killed Corey. 

Daniel, who competed on the reality competition series Ink Master, was officially booked on a felony murder charge. Records show he's being held on $200,000 bail.