Watch Tina Fey's Daughter Call Her a "Loser" as She Crashes Mom's Seth Meyers Interview

Tina Fey's Late Night interview was epically crashed by her youngest daughter Penelope, who called her famous mom a loser while she caught up with Seth Meyers.

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Tina Fey isn't a regular mom—or a cool mom, according to her daughter. 

During Monday's at-home episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Mean Girls star's interview with host Seth Meyers was hilariously interrupted by her daughter Penelope, who called her famous mom a loser.

"Please hold, there's a colonial lady coming in," Tina said as she noticed her youngest waiting in the wings. "Yes, may I help you? I'm sorry, you're not making a sound. What? We're taping a television program. Do you need something?" Then, the 8-year-old, who was donning a traditional colonial-styled gown, silently came into the frame and held up the loser sign to Tina and Seth.

Realizing what she was doing, the mom of two exclaimed, "The colonial lady just called us losers!" Laughing along with Tina, Seth chimed in, "Wait a second, we're not losers!" She added, "This means 'loyalists' in colonial times, so that's on you!"

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In the wake of social distancing, Tina and her youngins have been staying busy with plenty of dress up time. In fact, she and her fellow Saturday Night Live alums Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler and more hosted a virtual talent show for their children, which featured lots of fun costumes and bits. 

Following Penelope's "L" bomb, Tina opened up about the Rise Up New York telethon, which took place later that day and focused on uplifting and supporting New Yorkers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

"I feel really excited and privileged to get to go into NBC, you know, I think, I'm sure you feel the same here, that we just long to be—the only way we remotely know how to help is to go on TV and try to talk," she said. "So, I'm gonna go down there today and hopefully read some impressive fundraising totals."


The telethon proved to be a successful night for the 30 Rock alum. Together with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel and Robert De Niro, she raised millions of dollars towards the cause.

"Is this real? Ok. 115 million dollars," she tearfully said as she announced the final figure during the event. "We did this! You did this! We are difference makers." 

Watch Tina's daughter epically crash her Late Night interview in the video above!

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