Kelly Clarkson Asked to Be "Left Alone" on Her Birthday for This Super Relatable Reason

Kelly Clarkson had a super relatable reason for wanting to celebrate her birthday solo this year. Hear how The Voice coach's spent her big day here.

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Looks like Kelly Clarkson is still Miss Independent.

During Thursday's at-home episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the "Since U Been Gone" singer opened up about celebrating her birthday while practicing social distancing, telling host Seth Meyers that she preferred to ring in the big day solo. 

"I literally looked at my husband [Brandon Blackstock], ‘cause it was a rough week of work and non-stop everything, and I said, ‘I don't want to cook one damn meal. I don't want to clean one article of clothing. I don't want to do anything.' I possibly—if my children were to come in and hug me, that's fine and then they leave," she joked, adding, "So, on my birthday, I literally asked to be left alone, which is funny since we're all in isolation. But I am not in isolation. I'm constantly surrounded by people. So, I was alone and I enjoyed it and I did nothing but eat stuff that probably I gained 10 pounds on and I watched, you know, whatever I was watching—I don't even remember."

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But, Kelly did receive an amazing gift. As she recalled her "quarantine birthday," as Seth called it, The Voice coach gushed over interviewing Julie Andrews on The Kelly Clarkson Show, which, as fate would have it, occurred on her actual birthday.

"I got to interview Julie Andrews and she—obviously, I'm like a musical theater kid—and I love her," she raved. "So, it was really cool. I got to interview she and her daughter [Emma Walton Hamilton] and it was literally—we taped it for another air date but we did it, like, on my birthday. So it was like a birthday gift from God. And it was the best thing ever."

While on the topic of her children River Rose, 5, and Remington Alexander, 4, Kelly shared that social distancing with the youngins hasn't been an easy feat.

"The little ones are usually, like, best buds," she explained. "This has been like World War III in my house at times and I literally, it's been, I don't even know how to describe it. But one day, I was just talking to my producer on the phone and I was like, ‘One day, I'm having, like, the greatest day ever with them and they're so sweet, and the next day it's like Satan incarnate.'"

Switching gears, the duo also discussed the chaos of filming The Voice remotely. "Well, if people only knew, like, especially even the last show, what went into it and how it almost didn't happen, there was just so much chaos going on Tuesday for the live show," she said. "So, that was hysterical. But, like, minutes before everything, we finally got it together."

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And, she admitted that she's had her fair share of technical difficulties: "Tuesday I had—I didn't realize it ‘cause I'm just a little tiny box on the little screen they sent us, but I had, like, a Bat Signal of a light, like, just coming on my chest. I didn't realize it. And my family and friends were very quick to text me that I looked like an idiot."

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