Watch Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon Trip Over Their Words in Hilarious Game of "What Am I Saying?"

Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon faced off in a hilarious game of "What Am I Saying" during her virtual visit to The Tonight Show. Watch the epic video here.

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What are Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon saying?

During Thursday's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Taxi stars faced off in a hilarious game of "What Am I Saying," each tasked with reading phrases that appeared to be gibberish but actually revealed real phrases.

With 20 seconds on the clock, Jimmy kicked things off with the phrase, "Pete's Aw Traygels." Much to his surprise, the round proved to be an easy feat. "Pizza bagels?" he said as he won the point. "Well, that wasn't that hard, right? That didn't really change." 

Next up was Queen Latifah, who also got her phrase down pretty quickly. "Bray Call Egg," she read. "Break an egg? Break a leg. Break a leg!" Now tied, the late night host tried to get back in the lead. "When Knee Thump Oooo," he read. "Whenny Thumpooh? Winnie-the-Pooh! When Knee Thump Oooo, I didn't know what that was."

Jimmy Fallon's Kids on The Tonight Show

Moving on to the next round, it was the Girls Trip star's turn to even the score. "What? How do you even pronounce that?" she said before reading her phrase. "Cram Eeyore Horde. Cram in your yourd? Crab? Crannny your?" As Queen Latifah continued to guess, Jimmy realized what her puzzle said. "Oh, wait. I think I know what it is," he exclaimed. "I think you have one of these!" Once she understood the reference, she yelled, "Grammy award!"

Jimmy's next phrase also had a musical reference to it. "Ist Gone Tah Bee Meh," he said. "It's gone-ta be—it's gonna be me? Wow, I got that a little too fast." Unfortunately for NSYNC fans, he didn't realize that it was the title of his pal Justin Timberlake's song "It's Gonna Be Me."

For Queen Latifah's next turn, she had to uncover the real meaning behind the jumbled phrase, "Hut Haa Pinsen Vague Ass." Thinking that the words were German, she read the phrase in an accent: "Hut Haa Pinsen Vegas. What happens in Vegas." Entertained by her delivery, Jimmy said, "Give her the ding! Give her the ding on that one."

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Then, Jimmy got another easy one. "Joust Tin Beer Bear," he said. "Joust-Tin Beer—oh, Justin Bieber?" Impressed his speediness, Queen Latifah chimed in, "That was quick, man. Boom. You got that like it was nothing."

Joining forces for the final round, the duo did their best to figure out what "Hula Ett Dah Dough Scout" meant. See who got the winning point in the hilarious video above!

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