NSYNC Reunites Virtually to Give Lance Bass the Ultimate Birthday Surprise

'Twas a short but sweet NSYNC reunion for Lance Bass' birthday. Find out who celebrated with him!

By Pamela Avila May 06, 2020 2:10 AMTags
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'Twas a short but sweet NSYNC reunion for Lance Bass' birthday. 

The birthday boy received a special surprise from his former band members Joey FatoneChris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez on a virtual zoom call. The 41-year-old shared footage from his big birthday bash today, writing: "Holy hell! I thought releasing @jax.justaddx was going to be the extent of my bday celebrations. But boy was I wrong!! My loved ones made it so special. I'm still in shock."

The former boy band member also shared that his big day started with a "parade of cars outside my house with a few friends" and that he had enough food sent over to "feed an army." 

What's more, Lance revealed that he received not one but six birthday cakes. 

"And to top it off Michael threw me a surprise virtual bday party with some of my favorite people!" Lance wrote on his Instagram caption, while tagging every single person who made it to his virtual celebration

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As millions of people across the country continue to social distance themselves amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are still finding ways to celebrate their loved ones in sweet and special ways. 

And what more can we ask for than a brief yet amazing NSYNC reunion? 

Lance Bass / Instagram

Lance concluded his post on Instagram, " Thank you to everyone who made this weird birthday the best ever!" 

NSYNC's Joey also took to Instagram to wish his former band mate a happy birthday.

"Happy bday to @lancebass !! Here is a throwback pic I took when he was straight ? You be the judge. If he wasn't it Nsync he prob would of been one of Exotic Joe's lover . Love ya brother," Joey wrote. 

Lance commented on the post, "Omg!! I'm as white as a vampire! We never saw the sun back then. Thanks Joey!" 

Just Add X, Lance and Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor's new mixer product, helped bring the boy band back together. In honor of the reunion, E! News caught up with both Lance and Jax on their business venture. 

"We learned that, you know, the mixers out there, there's just not many of them," Lance explained of their inspiration behind Just Add X, which is available to purchase online. "You have got orange juice, cranberry juice, margarita mix, bloody Mary mix and red bull. It's just, it's so sugary and horrible for you. I was tired of going to clubs and getting bottle service and having just terrible mixers with it. So, that was kind of what really helped spawn this and then you know Jax, cause we noticed the Just Add X spells out JAX, this is perfect for him."

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