Watch Shailene Woodley Give Jimmy Fallon a Handstand Tutorial

Shailene Woodley and Jimmy Fallon served up some major fitspo on The Tonight Show by treating viewers to a hilarious handstand demonstration.

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Shailene Woodley and Jimmy Fallon are serving up some major fitspo.

On Wednesday's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the duo decided seized the opportunity to try a handstand as they caught up with one another.

"I am determined to get my handstand down," the Big Little Lies star said as she was explaining her social distancing to-do list. "I know—it's such a thing right now, Jimmy. Everyone on Instagram, like, all these fitspo people can do handstands and they look cool and I'm just—I'm  jealous. I'm really jealous that so many people can do a handstand and I can't. So, I've been trying to get my handstand down." 

As they discussed their handstand experiences, both stars agreed that they were novices. "Like, I've done one in a pool, maybe?" Jimmy joked. And, before they knew it, they were upside down.

Before diving into her handstand tutorial, Shailene laid down the ground rules.

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"Okay, you have to tuck your shirt in," she said, instructing the late night host to find a sturdy wall for support. "And here's the rules: All you have to do to do a handstand is just throw yourself against the wall. I put my hands on the floor and I just kick my legs up against the wall."

Surprised by the simple nature of the rules, Jimmy responded, "And that's it? Just have the confidence?" Feeling inspirational, Shailene said, "Just the confidence. And if you fall, you try again," adding, "I think this is what all of the yoga girls on Instagram would say to you too when trying to teach you a handstand."

Showing the Saturday Night Live alum how it's done, Shailene got into the handstand position and kicked her legs back. Struggling to keep her balance at first, she reminded viewers to "try again. If you can't get it, try again." Once she mastered the move, she checked in on Jimmy, who was attempting to do a headstand. Like the Divergent star, he got off to a rocky start but eventually nailed it.

"Oh, my god. You did it. You got it, Jimmy!" she cheered. "How are you good at this, too? Can you just not be good at one thing, please? For, like, the sake of humanity." 

Watch Shailene and Jimmy's hilarious handstand tutorial in the video above!

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