The Goonies Cast Reunite For Epic Virtual Hangout, Thanks to Josh Gad

The Goonies cast reunites for epic virtual hangout on Monday, April 27. Frozen star Josh Gad put the whole reunion together.

By Pamela Avila Apr 27, 2020 8:31 PMTags
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Goonies never say die! 

Frozen star and The Goonies #1 fan Josh Gad rounded up the original cast members of the classic '80s film on Monday for an iconic virtual hangout. 

On the roster? Sean AstinCorey FeldmanJeff CohenKe Huy QuanKerri GreenMartha Plimpton and Josh Brolin

 "Today, I am going on my own treasure hunt to reunite the cast of The Godfather of its generation: The Goonies," Gad said at the start of the first episode of his new YouTube series, Reunited Apart before introducing Astin (who played Mikey). 

"All right, how do we do this? Do you guys, like, Zoom?" Gad asked Astin before the rest of the cast made an appearance. "Or do you send out, like, a Goonies bat signal up to the sky?" 

Instead of a bat signal, Astin did something even better—without skipping a beat, he was quick to reenact Mikey's famous "Troy's Bucket" monologue from the movie. 

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"Sky? Don't you realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be in another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us, but right now, they gotta do what's right for them because it's their time—their time—up there," the Stranger Things actor recited. "Down here it's our time—it's our time down here! That's all over the minute we ride up Troy's bucket."

Quickly, everyone dropped in to the epic virtual hangout and updated each other on what they've been been up to since the film was released over 35 years ago and how they're doing during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

"It's a great time to reassess what starts to surface as what's important and what's not so important," Brolin said during the virtual hangout. "I'm so happy to see everybody I can't even tell you." 

After catching up with the main cast, Gad welcomed in even more Goonies alumni.

Executive producer and writer Steven Spielberg, writer Chris Columbus and director Richard Donner as well as actors Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano (who played the Fratelli brothers) all joined in on the fun. 

"Our perception of you guys on set was total rivalry, the same exact rivalry that you had in the movie," Bolin asked the Fratelli brothers. "So was that rivalry real?" 

"100 percent, I can't stomache the guy," Pnatoliano answered jokingly. 

The Goonies cast even recited some of their most iconic lines. "I have a big favor to ask from everybody at home and mainly me, I think we're all wondering what it would be like to see you all reprise these roles from The Goonies 34 years later," Gad told the cast, before introducing Donner into the mix. 

"My best memory, I have to say didn't happen during the shooting of the movie but it happened after the shooting of the movie was over... everyone we cast was high energy and after a while, it kind of started working on Dick... so by the end of the movie, Richard just kept saying, 'Oh my god, I got two weeks to go, I can't wait to finish. I'm going to go to my house in Hawaii and I'm going to get away from all this noise. I love them to pieces but I can't stand it anymore,'" Spielberg said during the virtual reunion, recalling one of his best memories. "So right after, I took the whole cast and put them on American Airlines and sent them to Donner's house in Hawaii. So before Dick ever landed, they all showed up in his living and they can tell you the story from there." 

Besides bringing us major nostalgia and happiness, Gad began this quarantine-inspired YouTube series to support the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's efforts to help communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Today has brought me more joy than I think any day in my life," Gad said cheerily before ending the Zoom call. "Don't tell my family."