This might just be our new favorite game

Kenan Thompson, Whitney Cummings and Melissa Villaseñor joined Jimmy Fallon for a round of Celebrity Quiplash on Monday's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Playing on their phones from their respective homes, the gang of comedians was tasked with coming up with answering silly prompts and competed for the best answers.
"The more votes your answer gets, the more points you get. But we won't know whose answer it is until after we vote," Jimmy explained, followed by Kenan, who immediately said, "I'm so confused. I'm so confused."
For the first round, two players created responses for: "The Wright Bros.' first words after for the first time." The two choices to choose from were "Daammmmn, Daniel" and "I gotta change my undies." Once the votes were locked in, it was revealed that the responses belonged to Jimmy and Kenan—and that both Whitney and Melissa favored the Kenan and Kel alum's answer better.

Moving on, two players finished filling in the movie title for the imaginary sequel "Alvin and the Chipmunks 12" and gave the other players the choice of "Get out of my undies ya chipmunks" or "Even more buck." The round ended up being a tie for Melissa and Whitney as Kenan and Jimmy voted for their answers, respectively.

Next, the squad came up with reasons for the following prompt: "A good way to get kicked out of a jazz band." The responses belonged to Jimmy, who wrote, "Blessing the audience with sax spit," and Melissa, who wrote, "Show your pee pee in [the] recording studio." Unfortunately for the Saturday Night Live star, both Kenan and Whitney voted for Jimmy's answer instead.

Now onto the second round, the prompt said, "Surprising photos to find on Garfield's phone would be of…" The answers given by two members of the group were "A corpse" and "[Odie]'s Butt," which ended up belonging to Melissa and Kenan, respectively. Fortunately for SNL castmates, the round ended up being a tie and they both received points.

When it came time for the final round, the four players were challenged with coming up with a full name for the acronym "M.E.M."

See their hilarious responses and who was crowned the Celebrity Quiplash winner in the amazing video above!

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