Kenan Thompson Returns to All That...But Nobody Knows Who He Is!

Exclusive: The new cast only has eyes...for the big ear of corn

By Chris Harnick Jul 31, 2019 5:00 PMTags

Kenan Thompson is back where it all started: All That. Kenan, who starred in the Nickelodeon series before getting his own show, Kenan and Kel, and going on to star in Saturday Night Live and soon his own NBC sitcom, is an executive producer on the kid-centered sketch show and makes his first on camera appearance in the Saturday, Aug. 3 episode.

In the exclusive preview above, Kenan—and the big ear of corn!—make their way backstage into the All That clubhouse to greet the new cast. Only problem? The new kids don't recognize the man that brought Superdude, Pierre Escargot and so many other characters to life for five seasons of the original All That.

"Kenan & Kel" Theme Song: A Dramatic Reading by Kel Mitchell

"It's pretty hilarious that you think I'm from Postmates," Kenan tells the new cast. "I'm Kenan Thompson, come on! One of the original cast members of All That, like Josh Server…and Kel Mitchell…and me! Kenan! Really?"

But, yep, no recollection. Even Josh and Kel can't help Kenan out when they crash the festivities. Buttercup, a legendary sketch comedy horse is another story…

The new cast of the All That revival includes Ryan Alessi, Reece Caddell, Kate Godfrey, Gabrielle Green, Nathan Janak, Lex Lumpkin and Chinguun Sergelen. In addition to Kenan, Kel and Josh, original cast member Lori Beth Denberg has also made a cameo in the 2019 series.

The new All That episode airs Saturday, Aug. 3 at p.m. on Nickelodeon. JoJo Siwa closes the show with a performance of her song "BOP!" and there are sketches featuring the Marie Kiddo character, as well as T@$#!eigh and Trad.