Andrew Cuomo Reflects on Being "Somewhere Between a Father and a Brother" for Chris as Kids

Governor Andrew Cuomo talks to Howard Stern about what it was like growing up with younger brother Chris, as the two become America's favorite siblings

By Cydney Contreras Apr 13, 2020 8:33 PMTags
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Andrew Cuomo is revealing what it's like to be "somewhere between a father and a brother" to Chris Cuomo.

In recent weeks, the two brothers have become a beloved pair for Americans watching TV at home. Their funny rapport and candid nature with one another has injected a sense of humanity into the news, something that viewers enjoy seeing amid reports of the coronavirus.

As Gov. Cuomo tells Howard Stern in a new interview, this is all natural and "genuine" for them, they simply "go right back into childhood" when they're talking to one another. "Well, and it's also 100 percent genuine. I don't even have an alternative. That is how I relate to him, period. And that is how I feel—it's just a pure, genuine, authentic. And he is a funny guy, and we do get into this rhythm," he says of their back-and-forth.

But, few people know that it wasn't always this way for the siblings. He says that at times he felt like more of a "father" to the newscaster than a brother. 

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"First of all, I'm 13-years older than Chris. My father was Governor, I'm 13-years-old which means he's five, I'm 18. I could have been his father almost. So my father was very busy. I felt for Chris because he was much younger and on his own," the 62-year-old shares. "So I was somewhere between a father and a brother role always. And it was a lot at one time." Not to mention, Andrew was an aspiring politician, too. So in addition to helping with Chris, he was helping his father manage political campaigns. 

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Cuomo explains he felt he was always "balancing" being there for Chris, who he describes as a "really special human being," with being there for his "obsessive" father. Cuomo adds, "You had Chris who's sort of left at home and I felt for him and his plight."

He admits his many roles—father figure, big brother, campaign manager—created a "lot of pressure" for him as a young adult, but says he hadn't "realized it at that time." 

Now, things are a lot more casual between the two. When on Chris' CNN show, between updates on the coronavirus pandemic, the brothers throw jabs at one another. A current fan-favorite: "I called mom. I called mom just before I came on the show. By the way, she said I was her favorite," the governor quipped one day. "Good news is she said you're her second favorite—second favorite son."