Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner Recreate Iconic Kourtney Kardashian Moment in TikTok Debut

Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner treated fans to an epic Keeping Up With The Kardashians throwback by recreating Kourtney Kardashian's iconic "ABCDEFG" scene on TikTok.

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Watch: Kylie & Kris Jenner TikTok Kourtney's Infamous "ABCDEFG" Saying

Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner take TikTok?

On Tuesday, the famous mother-daughter duo made their TikTok debut with a series of fun-filled videos and even treated longtime Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans to a nostalgic surprise.

Throwing it back to the early seasons, Kylie and Kris recreated an iconic exchange between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, where the POOSH founder introduced the world to the phrase, "ABCDEFG."

Taking on the role of Scott, Kris kicked things off and mouthed along to the audio from the scene, "So, are we cool? Like, are we in agreement?" Following her lead, Kylie, who was portraying her older sister, responded, "ABCDEFG." Putting on her ornate oversized sunglasses, she continued, "I have to go."

Confused, Kris said, "What the heck does ‘ABCDEFG' mean?" Kylie answered, "It's just a phrase I like to use. It means the conversation is over." Adding to the dramatics of the scene, the Kylie Cosmetics founder took a swig of Don Julio as the video ended.

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For their next video, the pair recruited Corey Gamble and Kylie's daughter Stormi Webster to help them pull off an epic "Pew Pew Pew" TikTok.


Taking place in Kylie's lavish closet, Kris, Kylie, who was holding the adorable 2-year-old, and Corey took turns walking across the cameras as the viral Auntie Hammy song played. And, they that all got a kick out of the track's special TikTok filter, which enlarges the head of the person in focus.

Kylie and Kris aren't the only members of the Kardashian family that are on TikTok. Back in January, Kourtney and Scott's 10-year-old son Mason Disick made an account and has been cementing his status as a TikTok star with videos featuring his famous family.

Like Mason, North West has also hopped on the TikTok train. Borrowing her mom Kim Kardashian's account, the 7-year-old loves to show off her creative side with fun dance videos and skits featuring her famous mom.

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