Jesse Eisenberg Reveals He’s Been Social Distancing in an RV and It’s “99.9% Perfect”

Jesse Eisenberg revealed that he's been social distancing with his family in an RV and shared the hilarious dilemma that keeps occurring.

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Jesse Eisenberg is living in a social distancing network now.   

While catching up with Conan O'Brien via video chat during Wednesday night's episode of Conan, the actor revealed that he and his family have been social distancing together in an RV. Done as a precautionary measure to avoid traveling by plane, Jesse, who was reporting live from Kansas, shared that the Eisenberg gang has been making their way from California to Indiana. 

"I was, like, in Los Angeles for work and then this happened and we were trying to get back to Indiana, where we live, and we rented an RV so we can isolate but also get back home," he explained to Conan, who joked that it looked like The Social Network star was in a bunker.

"We're trying to get back to Indiana help out at my mother-in-law's domestic violence shelter, who are losing their volunteers because their volunteers are college students," Jesse continued. "So, we're trying to get back to help out there, and we feel, like, you know, totally helpless."

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Since Jesse was in an RV, his Wi-Fi was understandably a little "sketchy," as Conan put it. Waiting for the Zombieland star to finish speaking, the late night host informed him that he was cutting in and out and joked, "I think it makes for compelling television…It does look like I'm talking to an astronaut in 1962."

Curious to know more, Conan asked Jesse to detail how it's been living in an RV. "It's 99.9% perfect," he said. "So, this is a car and a house, so, like, a million things can go wrong. And if you've ever had a car or a house, they often do. This is both."  

Not holding anything back, Jesse continued, "And there's…actually one thing wrong in this entire thing, which is the valve for the human waste is the one thing that's not functioning well."

Fortunately for the Eisenberg family, Jesse is great in a crisis. But he admitted that doesn't necessarily mean that he possesses the skillset to fix the malfunctioning valve.

"If something is going wrong, I'm helpful and immediately relaxed and all of my normal fantasy worries are gone," he said. "And I realize that my life is, like…completely consumed with worries that I make up that have no bearing on the world."  

Watch Jesse share his RV woes with Conan in the hilarious video above!