Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over Justin Bieber and Tom Holland's Friendship

Tom Holland joined Justin Bieber for his Instagram Live and fans are beyond excited that the two stars are now friends.

By emily belfiore Apr 01, 2020 2:06 PMTags
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Justin Bieber and Tom Holland are the dynamic duo we didn't know we needed. 

On Tuesday, the "Yummy" singer and the Spider-Man: Far From Home star connected via Instagram Live and delighted fans everywhere with their newfound friendship.

"MY LIFE HAS [been] COMPLETED NOW," one fan tweeted after seeing the stars join forces. Another excited fan chimed in, writing, "the simulation really broke and it broke in our favour. it brought justin and tom in an instagram live together maybe quarantine isn't that bad anymore." "My babies," another fan tweeted. 

During their chat, the buds kicked things off by sharing how much they loved each other's work. "Bro, such a big fan, man," Justin told Tom, to which he responded, "Likewise, bro!"

After swapping television show suggestions, the pair updated each other on how they're fairing while social distancing. "Good. Good, I'm really good," Justin said. "I'm just trying to pass the time, you know. I'm getting a little bored, but I'm good." Tom then shared that production on his upcoming film was halted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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"We went to for day 1—I'm doing this movie called Uncharted, which is based on a video game—and we showed up for our first day of shooting and they shut us down," he said. "I was in Berlin, so I had to come home and now I'm back in London."

While discussing the film, Tom had a pinch-me moment about chatting with Justin. "This is wild, bro," he said as he reflected on their time together. Before signing off, the Justin Bieber: Seasons star expressed his love for the Avengers: Endgame star once again: "You're awesome and I'm such a big fan."

Like Justin and Tom, several celebs have been reconnecting via social media during this period of social distancing. For her Instagram Live show Bright Minded, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato rekindled their friendship while discussing the importance of staying grounded while stuck at home.

"We could not talk for forever and then some bullsh--t will go down and I'll just know that you're the person I want to reach out to," Miley told Demi. "I just think that you're such a light and even if it took this crisis to get connected again... actually connected and really talking, let's never let this break again."