How to Self-Care at Home Like the Stars

Need some inspiration for self-care at home? Check out what stars like Camila Cabello, Mindy Kaling, P!nk and more are doing.

By Tierney Bricker Nov 04, 2020 5:46 PMTags
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Now more than ever, carving out time for some self-care is essential.

As we all continue social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and await the results from the 2020 U.S. presidential election, we're looking for ways to take care of ourselves—mentally, physically and emotionally. But self-care is different for everyone...including celebrities.

While some stars are finding spending time in the kitchen soothing, others are turning to moving their bodies as a form of relaxation. And one celebrity couple is even fostering dogs to focus their energy on something positive during this uncertain time. 

The one thing they all have in common? They are finding ways to take care of themselves and sharing their respective practices with their fans on social media. So as we begin a new month, what better time is there to maybe try a new way to show yourself a little extra TLC, should you find some time to do so.

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From meditation to starting a new project to focus on to virtually connecting with family and friends, here are some ways to self-care at home like your favorite celebs...

Camila Cabello

Since we can't all enjoy coffee with Shawn Mendes each morning, we'll have to settle for following the "My Oh My" singer's lead and honing our own meditative practice.

In an Instagram post, Camila shared her own experience with meditation, revealing it helped calm her sever anxiety.

it was practicing every single day multiple times a day that has been healing me, and, more than just helping me manage strong emotions like anxiety and stress, it's making me a better human," she wrote. "not only does it help in times like this with stress and anxiety, meditation is the practice of strengthening habits like empathy, love, and compassion- making you feel more connected to not only everybody around you , but living beings in general like animals, plants, and the earth, which is a living being, itself."


The "Good As Hell" singer has led her millions of Instagram followers on two live guided meditations, offering words of encouragement and tools if they are feeling stressed or anxious. And yes, she played her signature flute.

"A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis," she wrote. "Use at your own pace. Love you!"

Ashley Tisdale

When she isn't bringing joy to people on Tik Tok by performing old High School Musical dances ("We're all in this together!" has never been so meaningful!), Ashley shared what she's been doing to get through this time on her Instagram, suggesting keeping a schedule or routine "so there's a bit of normalcy" to your week.

She wrote, "Maybe learn something new to keep your brain active. Right now my schedule has a lot of meditation, yoga, and reading."

John Krasinski

Even though A Quiet Place's highly anticipated sequel's release date had to be postponed, The beloved Office star is still celebrating any and all good news.

John started his own YouTube show Some Good News (SNG)—a news program dedicated entirely to heartwarming news that's filmed from his home, and landed quite the major first guest: Steve Carell! John and his former co-star virtually reunited for the NBC sitcom's 15th anniversary, and if that's not some good news, we don't know what is.

Jessica Alba

We won't tell your boss you are wearing a face mask on that conference call if you won't tell our boss that we are also wearing a face mask on our conference call. (Also, your boss is probably wearing a face mask on that conference call, too.)

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne

While the couple is social distancing together, they made a major decision: they invited two new friends to stay with them.

"Fostering these cuties during quarantine and you should too!" Cara captioned a photo of her with Bowie and Hendrix. The Pretty Little Liars star also shared a selfie with Bowie, calling him a "snuggle bug."

Jordin Sparks

The American Idol star prioritizes her mental health in 2021 with Genomind's Mental Health Map.

"I want to be the best me and mom I can and that includes knowing what makes us all tick," Jordin wrote on Instagram. "Thanks to scientific advancements, I can 'get a peek under the hood' and understand how our genes affect our mental health."

Aly Raisman

Even Olympians need to bake when stressed sometimes.

Naomi Watts

And after you bake, take a cue from the actress and feel free to "EAT your feelings."


The singer has turned to baking as a daily practice while distancing with her family, and her nine-year-old daughter has joined in on the fun in the kitchen.

"Willow baking Brazilian Cheese Bread. And wearing fake glasses," P!nk captioned a photo of Willow. "She's basically me but cooler."

Mindy Kaling

While Mindy has been cooking baking and sharing her favorite snacks, admitting "let's be honest, 60% of enjoying having kids is eating their snacks," she has also been using this time to do some spring cleaning in another room of her house aside from the kitchen.

When quarantined, clean the bathroom," she captioned a photo.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

The 9-1-1 star has taken to celebrating the small things with her family, enjoying little milestones like her daughter Autumn losing her first tooth.

"It's the little things that you have to make big things," she captioned a photo of a charcuterie board and wine. "So happy and now we will have a dance party in her honor!"

Molly Sims

If you are looking for any kind of self-care inspo, just head straight to the Molly's Instagram feed, which includes face masks, Zoom happy hours with friends to stay connected, and inventive workouts, like using bottles of wines, laundry detergent, soccer balls and other household items as props. 

Bella Hadid

If you are lucky enough to be distancing in a warmer climate, try getting some vitamin D (while wearing some sunscreen, of course), whether that's by going for a long walk in your neighborhood or just relaxing in the sun, just like the supermodel. 

Sam Smith

In an Instagram post, the singer admitted "exercise has always been hard" for them, but said they've turned to moving their body during this difficult time.

"I find it kind and cozy and helpful," Sam wrote of FITT, the fitness app they've been relying on while social distancing.

Selena Gomez

The "Rare" singer shared some of her recent favorites on her Instagram Stories, including TV shows, movies, music and three books she's been into. If you're looking for a page-turner to get lost in, Selena recommended Michelle Obama's Becoming, Karla Cornejo Villavicencio's The Undocumented Americans and Laura Lynne Jackson's Signs

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