Mindy Kaling’s "Cakey Cookies" Baking Video Will Have You Drooling

Mindy Kaling treated her fans to a delicious tutorial on how to make her favorite "cakey cookies" recipe.

By emily belfiore Mar 30, 2020 2:00 PMTags
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Preheat your ovens!

On Sunday, Mindy Kaling treated her Instagram followers to a delicious tutorial on how to make "cakey cookies." 

Standing in her kitchen in front of her ingredients, The Office alum began, "Well, our bakeries might all be shutting down. So, what is a cookie lover to do but to bake her own cookies? So, that's what I'm going to do today, is make my favorite kind of chocolate chip cookies."

To achieve Mindy's "cakey, fluffy, dense little puff" texture, the star's recipe calls for baking essentials like sugar and flour, but she admitted that she had to "barter" in order to get all of her ingredients. Thankfully, her The Mindy Project co-star Ike Barinholtz was willing to help out.

"So, this flour is in this bag [and] medically sealed because my friend gave it to me," she continued. "I swapped it for half a lasagna that I left on his doorstep. But these are the times. You have to barter for ingredients. Thank you, Ike."  

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She even gave the Blockers star a shout-out in her caption: "Cakey cookies made possible by borrowed flour from @ikebarinholtz."

Before she began mixing her ingredients together, Mindy seized the opportunity to create an educational moment for her viewers and led them in a hand-washing tutorial.

After singing "Happy Birthday" twice with her go-to anti-bacterial soap, she kicked things off by adding Ike's flour to her measuring bowl but was quickly reminded that she's not good at math. "I don't have an eighth of a cup," she nervously said. "Okay, this is a job for Alexa. Alexa, how much is an eighth of a cup? Two tablespoons! Thank you!"

For the rest of her dry ingredients, the A Wrinkle in Time star combined baking soda, kosher salt, granulated sugar, cane sugar and cinnamon. To give the cookies an extra kick, she roasted and finely chopped some pecans.

Moving on, she blended everything together and added in her chocolate chips. She also shared her hacks for making the most of her ingredients and shared that she uses an ice cream scooper to ensure that all of her cookies are uniform. 

Find out how Mindy's "cakey cookies" turned out in the amazing video above!