Why Niall Horan's Performance of "Dear Patience" Has Extra Special Meaning Right Now

Niall Horan treated The Tonight Show viewers to a special performance of his song "Dear Patience," which he said is "very relevant right now."

By emily belfiore Mar 26, 2020 11:58 AMTags
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Niall Horan has an important reminder.

On Wednesday, the "Nice To Meet Ya" singer joined Jimmy Fallon for an at-home version of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed his new song "Dear Patience" from his new album Heartbreak Weather.

When it came to selecting which song to sing, Niall said that he felt this particular track felt "very relevant" following recent events and carried an inspiring message.  

"I just thought—it's an album track, but I thought it was really relevant right now because I wrote it at a time when I needed to be patient," he said. "And if anyone needs to patient right now, it's all of us. This song is basically me writing a letter to the feeling of patience, like, ‘C'mon, dude. Let's go for a drink. We haven't spoke in a while.' So, I feel like we can all—it's very relevant right now. So, we can all pay attention to that."

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Sitting in his living room at his piano, the One Direction alum grabbed his guitar and began his acoustic performance of the pertinent track. 

"Dear patience," he sang. "If I pour my heart out, can you keep a promise? / 'Cause the situation / Is like a mountain that's been weighing on my conscious / If I'm being honest."

Like many musicians, Niall has been staying connected via social media and even treated them to a mini listening party of his album during an Instagram Live. While sitting down with The Capital Breakfast Show last week, he reflected on the impact his livestreams have on fans and encouraged other artists to join in.

"I think everyone's just, like, using it as a time to kind of help with the craziness that's going on," Niall explained. "We know a lot of people are sitting at home so, we can just go on our Instagrams or whatever, and shed a little light because music is very good for that."

He added, "It's the only really powerful healer. And if we can do that and it's just at the end of our phones, then I encourage all of us to get involved."

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