Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Disagree on Major Relationship Moments in Hilarious "Couples Challenge"

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez tested their relationship knowledge with a hilarious couples challenge.

By emily belfiore Mar 25, 2020 3:44 PMTags
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How well do Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez really know each other?

The newly-engaged couple tested their relationship knowledge with the viral TikTok couples challenge. Sitting side by side, Jennifer and Alex answered questions about major moments from their 2-year romance and were only allowed to point at each other. To make the game even better, the duo had their eyes closed and had no idea how the other responded.

First up, J.Lo and A.Rod kicked things off with an easy one: "Who initiated the first kiss?" Without hesitation, the "Love Don't Cost A Thing" singer pointed to herself and Alex followed. But their answers weren't unanimous on the second question: "Who apologizes first after a fight?" Immediately, they both pointed to themselves.

When asked who they think is "the funny one," the stars had different responses and pointed to each other. But when it comes to who is more romantic, Jennifer and Alex both felt they had each other beat. After pointing to herself, the Hustlers star eventually admitted that the former MLB star takes the cake.

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Still on different pages, the pair couldn't agree on who was the most patient in the relationship and both pointed to themselves when asked. As for who is the better cook, Jennifer proudly pointed to herself and Alex couldn't help but agree.

For their next question, the future Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez were asked to recall who said "I love you" first when they started dating. Both seemed a little hesitant to answer, but they agreed that it was Alex who proclaimed his love first. 

Then, things heated up. After throwing each other under the bus for being "the grumpiest" in the morning, Alex pointed to Jennifer when asked who was the most stubborn in the relationship. They also called each other out for being babies when they're sick and being "the messy one." 

Watch Jennifer and Alex play the couples challenge in the hilarious video above.