Lance Bass to Proceed With 10th Egg Donor After Surrogate Suffers Miscarriage at 8 Weeks

Lance Bass reveals he and husband Michael Turchin's plans to have their first child after trying to conceive via IVF for two years

By Cydney Contreras Mar 18, 2020 10:34 PMTags
Watch: Lance Bass & Michael Turchin's Plan For Their First Child

Lance Bass is not giving up on his dream to be a dad.

The star is revealing he and husband Michael Turchin have been trying to conceive a baby via IVF for the better part of two years to no avail. He tells Entertainment Tonight, "It's been a very long process, years in the making... There have been a lot of ups and downs—way more downs than ups."

Most recently, the *NSYNC singer and his husband of almost six years attempted their ninth round of IVF, but unfortunately their surrogate miscarried eight weeks into the pregnancy in August, something he says "happens to pretty much everyone when you're going through IVF."

"You try to trick yourself into not getting excited because you know anything can happen at any time, especially in those first few weeks when there's a huge possibility that the [embryos] won't stick," the 40-year-old explains. "You keep telling yourself that and trying not to get your hopes up, but you're always going to have those thoughts in the back of your brain where you're already planning out their lives. Especially once you know the sex—you can't help but fast-forward over their entire lives and imagine who they're going to be like, who they might marry and all kinds of stuff."

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Understandably, Lance shares "getting over" the disappointment is a difficult process but he's not lost hope yet. He says he and Michael know that "everything happens for a reason" and are keeping their heads held high. 

In the coming days, the performer hopes to proceed with their 10th, and hopefully final, round of IVF. 

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Whether they end up with a child is not a matter of if, but when. The celebrity says in a "perfect world" he'd have children of his own, but if "it's not meant in the cards" he and Michael would be more than willing to adopt. "There are plenty of kids who need adopting. So, I'm not opposed to going right ahead and adopting if this fails next time," Lance shares.

Bass previously shared on Heather Dubrow's podcast that he and Michael were hoping to have twin boys and were timing it with the astrological calendar in mind. "If we end up getting pregnant, like, soon, that puts them right on the boarder of Taurus-Gemini," he joked. "So, we had to do it now for them to stay a Taurus."

That being said, the star will be happy with the child he's gifted with, Gemini or not. He said, "It's been delayed so much. Like, I'm just kind of like itching to be a dad. You know, I'm 40 now. So, I mean, it's time. I've been waiting for this."