Lance Bass Remains Hopeful for Twins After 6 Failed Egg Donor Attempts

The 'N Sync star says he's "itching to be a dad."

By Elyse Dupre Aug 16, 2019 2:30 PMTags
Lance Bass, Daily PopAaron Poole/E! News

Lance Bass isn't giving up on his dreams of starting a family.

The former N Sync star opened up about his road towards fatherhood on Friday's episode of the podcast Heather Dubrow's World.

"We're getting close" the 40-year-old star told Heather Dubrow about his journey with husband Michael Turchin. "I know we keep saying this every time I come on your show….It's been a process. You know, we went through seven donors, but this seventh one looks like it worked! So, hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to announce some nice celebration. They will be here next–I say 'they' because, of course, we're trying to go for twins, but that's, you know, still up in the air. But yeah, so next year, 2020 babies!"

In fact, Bass said he and his hubby are even looking at astrological signs. While he said he doesn't know that much about them, he "always" hears "'Don't have a Gemini.'" 

"If we end up getting pregnant, like, soon, that puts them right on the boarder of Taurus-Gemini," he continued. "So, we had to do it now for them to stay a Taurus."

Lance Bass & Michael Turchin's Plan For Their First Child

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum then assured the celeb he's ready for parenthood.

"I've been ready, are you kidding me?" he said. "It's been delayed so much. Like, I'm just kind of like itching to be a dad. You know, I'm 40 now. So, I mean, it's time. I've been waiting for this."

Bass also said Turchin is "going to be the best dad."

In addition, Bass opened up about their experience during an interview with E! News last summer.

Watch: Lance Bass & Michael Turchin's Plan For Their First Child

"It's quite the process" he said at the time. "We had no idea what we were getting into. But it's a beautiful experience. The love that is surrounded with IVF—from the doctors to the surrogate—it's a beautiful gift."

To hear Bass' interview, click here.