Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Happy Surprise and More Pleasant TV Distractions

We may all be stuck inside, but there's a whole world of television out there to keep you sane, starting with the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

By Lauren Piester Mar 14, 2020 1:15 AMTags
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The world may be a slightly dark and scary place right now, but there's one thing that never lets us down: Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

On Thursday, the NBC comedy offered a sweet little surprise at the very end of the episode. After we learned Jake and Amy had been trying and failing to get pregnant for months, it finally worked, and a baby Peraltiago is on its way. Soon we'll get to find out what Jake is like as a dad (while we can already fully tell what Amy will be like as a mom), and we're likely going to get to see Boyle lose his mind on a regular basis. 

It was a much-needed bit of joy in these hard times of self-isolation and constant, excessive hand-washing, topped off with that one scene about Holt yelling about bagels. (Dang it, we forgot to stock up on bagels.) 

We've also seen a few upcoming episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and we can tell you it is going to continue to be a bright, shining beacon of happiness in the weeks to come. And it's not alone. 



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There are endless options out there when it comes to TV, and perhaps even more endless little TV moments that might make all of this just a little bit easier to manage, mentally. 

So here are just a few random things that we find are helping us to get through the day, and they might just help you too. 

Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Project Runway Showed the Future of Fashion

Last night's Project Runway finale featured the incredible, inspiring runway show of Nancy Volpe-Beringer, the oldest contestant the show has ever had and one of the most innovative. At New York Fashion Week, she showed an entirely sustainable no-waste collection with models of all shapes, colors, sizes, and ability. Her first model on the catwalk was wheelchair-bound. She didn't end up winning, but she definitely did something incredible that feels like the direction we can all be looking in. (Bravo)

Grey's Anatomy Begins to Move on Without Alex

Grey's Anatomy's Baby Mystery Solved

There is at least one couple we can still root for on Grey's Anatomy right now (along with Bailey and Warren, who are never, ever allowed to break up). Grey's finally told us the identity of Amelia's baby daddy, only after he professed his love to her no matter who's baby it was. Link and Amelia are finally on track for happiness after weeks of drama. We also recommend a full on Grey's binge (we've done it twice), because even really good fictional doctors can still be comforting. (ABC/Hulu/Netflix)



Lauren and Cameron: Together Forever

The majority of Love Is Blind was a big ol' mess, but one couple sailed through the Netflix with little drama, and they're still married after a year and a half. Amber and Barnett are also still married, and Giannina and Damian are back together! And there are a whole bunch of interviews with all of them! Good news! (Netflix)

Schitt's Creek Isn't Over Yet

Schitt's Creek is still airing new episodes and if that weren't good enough news, you can watch the entire series on Netflix right now. Endless Schitt's Creek, bébé. (Pop/Netflix)

(Speaking of which, here is a video of Moira Rose trying to say the word "baby.") 

Some Good News: Schitt's Creek Is Saying Goodbye With a Behind the Scenes Documentary Special

The Return of Roswell, New Mexico

The new season of Roswell, NM premieres on Monday, and there's still time to watch/rewatch the entire first season before then. Season one ended with a pretty big death and a pretty big un-death, and season two picks right up where it left off, and there's literally no reason you shouldn't have some angsty, lovelorn aliens in your life. (The CW/Netflix)

Jax and Brittany Are Getting Married

If you love them, yay, it's a wedding! If you don't love them, it's still a Vanderpump Rules wedding and that's bound to be entertaining one way or another. It airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo. 

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12

Each and every Friday brings us two full hours of coronavirus distraction realness with over the top runway looks and gag-inducing lip sync performances, and for that we'd like to thank Mother Ru from the bottom of our hearts. (Vh1)


Friends Blooper Reels Exist

Sure, Friends may not be available to stream currently (until the debut of HBO Max) but Youtube is full of endless Friends blooper reels and trust us, we just distracted ourselves from this very article by watching one of them. You could also just watch the greatest blooper of all time: Phoebe trying to sing along with the bagpipes

Funny Dance Show

E! just premiered a new show called Funny Dance Show which is literally a bunch of funny and, dare we say it, really stupid dances. One episode has aired and another is coming next week. Not sure what more you need than a bunch of funny dancing. (E!)

Where You've Seen Food Network's Tournament of Champions All-Star Chefs Before

Food Network's Tournament of Champions

Sometimes there's nothing better than watching some of the best cooks in the country battle it out, especially since food shows are one of the best distractions just in general. (Food Network) 


The Masked Singer 

The Masked Singer is one of the absolute best, most harmless distractions. It was filmed months ago, meaning it's a reality show fully removed from current events, and it's so bonkers you'll forget about literally everything else. Sarah Palin was in a bear costume singing "Baby Got Back." You can't get much more distracting than that. (Fox)

Watch: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Cast Teases Evolution & Romance in New Season


If you haven't checked out Fox's little genius family comedy starring Maggie Lawson and Jason Biggs, now is the time. It's two pretty normal people trying to raise a family of geniuses, and while the kids are funny, Lawson and Biggs are just a delightful pair. In episode two, the oldest son makes a 3D printed female face in order to practice kissing, and if that doesn't sound funny, trust us. It is. (Fox)

Smash Lives

Broadway is shut down, so Playbill is doing a group rewatch of the NBC show Smash via Twitter each night at 8 p.m. ET. (NBC)

Lego Masters

Don't you wish you had a whole bunch of Legos right now? If you can't do it yourself, watch a bunch of adults play with them on Fox's Lego Masters! You will feel bad about your own Lego skills but you will definitely forget about how you're not supposed to leave your house. (Fox) 

Romance Is Alive

Nick and Jess's Kiss: New Girl, "Cooler," Season 2, Episode 15

Jim asks Pam out: The Office, "The Job," Season 3, Episode 24/25

Ben and Leslie Kiss: Parks and Recreation, "Smallest Park," Season 4, Episode 8

Mindy and Danny's Airplane Kiss: The Mindy Project, "The Desert," Season 2, Episode 14


All of Cheers

You can watch all of Cheers on CBS All Access and we have been doing this and we can tell you it's a really good idea. (CBS All Access) 

British Quiz Shows

A personal favorite of this writer: Youtube is filled with British TV shows featuring comedians answering questions or playing games or completing tasks. Try: 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Taskmaster, Would I Lie To You?, and Big Fat Quiz. It's a good time, and it'll take a looooong time to run out of episodes. (Youtube)