Is Kristin Cavallari Ready to Take a Step Back From Uncommon James?

By Alyssa Ray Feb 07, 2020 3:00 AMTags
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Can Uncommon James thrive without Kristin Cavallari at the helm?

The reality star turned lifestyle mogul asked herself this very question during Thursday's all-new Very Cavallari. The former Hills alum began pondering this sentiment amid her many work responsibilities.

Not only did Cavallari have Uncommon James to focus on, but she had her children's clothing line, Little James, and her upcoming cookbook demanding her attention.

"There's just been so much going on, you know? What am I supposed to do, just not be involved in everything we have going on," Cavallari pondered to husband Jay Cutler. "I think if it was just Uncommon James that I did, it would be fine. But, it's that I am in the middle of working on a cookbook, I'm flying out to L.A. to go do these big red carpet shows, I did another show in between this show that I was hosting by myself."

As Cutler reminded his wife, they also have three children—sons Camden Jack, Jaxon Wyatt and daughter Saylor James—to raise. With "a lot on the horizon," Cavallari contemplated "a little bit of a step back."

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Understandably, this notion made Cavallari nervous as she didn't want things to fall through the cracks.

"The way that the company is going, you know, a trajectory like this…you have to do something. 'Cause, it's going to require more time," Cutler added. "Have you thought about selling it at some point?"

While this idea has crossed the Laguna Beach veteran's mind, she noted that Uncommon James "is my baby." Furthermore, after all the time and energy she has put in, she wasn't sure she could just walk away from it all.

Cavallari continued to struggle with this dilemma, especially after meeting up with loyal customers.

As a way to reward dedicated buyers, Cavallari and her team flew out a group to Nashville for a visit to the flagship store.

"Our top ten customers are responsible for a very large part of our business. These people have spent quite a bit of money. They jump up to the tens of thousands." Cavallari noted in a confessional, "At the end of the day, I'm really working for these customers."

In fact, Cavallari made it clear how important it was that they "take care of them." Of course, Cavallari took this opportunity to hear what the group thought about the business and so much more.

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While mingling with the dedicated customers, Cavallari learned that many of the buyers were loyal to her and were invested in her journey.

"I didn't expect these top-shoppers to be so invested in me personally," the E! personality admitted later on. "They feel connected to me. And so, just on a personal level, it's been really nice for me to be able to have a conversation with them."

Thus, Cavallari had to break the news to her husband that now was not the time to walk away from her growing empire.

"All of these ladies have followed me my entire career, it's not just Uncommon James," the True Roots author shared with the retired football star. "I mean, they are buying the jewelry because they love it, but they're really doing it too because they love me and they're supporting me."


Not to mention, Cavallari also shared that "nobody else could fill [her] shoes."

"I am Uncommon James," Cavallari declared. "I can't now be like, 'Great! I'm just gonna take a backseat for a little bit.' You know, I really have to be in the thick of it still."

Unsurprisingly, Cutler supported his wife's decision and acknowledged that there will be "a grind" for a bit.

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