Cliched Valentine’s Day Gifts, But Better

Flowers and chocolates and lingerie, but make them better than the usual for love's big day.

By Carly Milne Feb 04, 2020 11:00 AMTags
E-Comm: Cliched Valentine's Day Gifts, But Better

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There are certain categories we all tend to fall into when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. Flowers, chocolate, lingerie, wine... they're all familiar trappings, and they're classics for a reason. But what if you gifted in these categories with a little bit of a twist?

For example, what if instead of the usual chocolates, you got gourmet truffles in a wine bottle-shaped box? Or if you're angling for flowers and lingerie, why not blend the two genres to get your beloved some incredibly comfy undies with a stunning rose print? Those classic candy conversation hearts? They come in a super squishy form for a little something different.

What we're saying is, embrace the cliche, just do it differently! We've found some goodies to get you started. Shop our selections below, and celebrate the day of love in a whole new (but still classic) way!

Pucker Up for International Kissing Day With These Smooch-Proof Lip Products

Plush Conversation Hearts

While it's true that those little conversation heart candies are an ultra-cute tradition, it's also true that they're kind of expected... and kind of chalky. Say it with a plush conversation heart instead, and give the gift that can be cuddled forever (and doesn't leave a weird aftertaste).

Bottle-of-Wine Chocolate Truffles Box

A bottle of wine is expected. So are chocolates. But a wine bottle-shaped box of exquisite truffles? Delightful. This box offers a mix of white and milk-chocolate truffles with flavors including the classics, decadent crème brûlée and exotic pomegranate. We won't tell if you buy one for your beloved, and one for you.

The Astrology of Love and Sex

Sure, you could go with the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex, but dare we say they're a little outdated? Instead, grab this tome on astrological compatibility based on everything from love philosophy to sexual inclinations, covering flirting, dating and fooling around from the perspective of every gender identity and the signs that govern them. 

Women's Thong

You could get some scratchy, uncomfortable lingerie or undies that spend too much time gathering dust in an undie drawer, or you could get some sexy modal ginch in a Roses are Red print that will outlast any lacy thing you can conjure up. Plus, it can match men's undies, bralettes, unisex onesies and more, if you want to be twinning this V Day.

Molly Ever Fallen Small Tote

Give them your heart, and surely they'll feel special. But give them a heart-printed tote that carries everything they need to get them through the day, including an interior removable zip pouch, and they'll know you're meant to be together forever, no question. 

Daybed Candle

Dose your beloved like florals, but allergies put an end to the gift of a full bouquet? Instead, grab her this candle from Otherland (who we're obsessed with, by the way). Now, your heart's desire can enjoy the harmonious blend of rosebud, peony blossom and pear water without a sneezing attack.

Veritable Exky Smart Indoor Garden

Flowers are so yesterday. If you really want to say it with plant life, get the apple of your eye an Exky Smart Indoor Garden to grow herbs, small veggies, greens and more. Its smarty-pants tech helps whatever is planted grow up to three times faster than nature, meaning you'll have fresh basil for pasta night in no time.

Orrefors Large Heart Vase

But if you really do need to go the flower route, make sure you don't just hand over a bouquet wrapped in paper. Put those stems in this vase for that little extra oomph. Sure, it's heart-shaped, but not in an obnoxious way. And it's made of crystal, making for a nice keepsake all year 'round.

Sugarfina x Voluspa Candy Cube + Candle Gift Set

Sweets and candles for Valentines Day? Groundbreaking. That's not sarcasm—it's true with this set, featuring some faves from Sugarfina paired with complementary Voluspa candles. As you nosh on Peach Bellini Gummies, Champagne Bears and Pink Citron Sours, you can tickle your nose with the scents of Pink Citron, Prosecco Bellini and Crisp Champagne for a fabulous sensory experience. Yum.

Townhouse Set of 2 Mugs

Matching partner items can be cliche, or they can be cool—depending on the items. This mug set is an example of partner items done right, especially with a classic pop culture callback. Because nothing says "I Love You" like a sassy vessel meant to hold morning rocket fuel.

Bose Noise Canceling 700 Over-Ear Headphones

A trip to the symphony, a raucous rock concert, a lively debate... or complete silence? We'll take the latter, please, and if your beloved is anything like us, they'll relish the quiet. These Bose headphones will help the cause with Bose AR, the first ever augmented reality audio system that uses motion sensors and location data to tailor the experience to the wearer. So whether they're listening to Beyonce at full blast or a babbling brook, that's all they'll hear.


Theragun G3

Remember back in the day when Samantha bought that "personal massager" on Sex and the City? Yeah, this is definitely not that kind of thing. The Theragun really does hammer out the tension from your shoulders, your neck, your back, or wherever else you want to relieve tension. If you really want to experience the body-freeing magic of compression therapy, this is the tool for you and yours.

While you're still thinking about V-Day gifting, make sure you check out the top three sites to buy flowers, and clothes that will help you wear your heart on your sleeve!

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