Scent-sational Otherland Candles Are our Latest Obsession

Cruelty-free and hand-poured using a coconut and soy wax blend that's free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates, these are the candles you've been dreaming of.

By Carly Milne Jan 30, 2020 12:00 PMTags
E-Comm: Scent-sational Otherland Candles

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You wouldn't necessarily think of candles as being something to get obsessed over. Make-up? Probably. Shoes? Definitely! But candles?

Yes. The answer is yes. And you will understand if you've ever bought a candle from Otherland.

Candles have become more than a cost-effective way to add a little decorative touch to your home. The ones that employ solid aromatherapy have cemented their place in the annals of self-care items, helping to create solace in one's home when they escape from the trappings of the outside chaotic world. Light a candle, breathe in the scent, meditate, and... ahhhh. There it is: a little moment of bliss.

This is the genre in which Otherland excels. Their site makes it easy to find a scent that speaks to you, giving you the option to shop according to categories like fresh, woody, leathery, smoky and more. Their core collection covers all the bases, with tantalizing scent combinations like Rattan, featuring a blend of sandalwood, golden amber and warm musk, or Chandelier, an intoxicating mix of champagne, saffron and leather, just to name a couple that we love most.

They cost $36 a pop, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Each eight-ounce glass container boasts 55 hours of burn time with a coconut soy wax blend that's cruelty free, and free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.


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"But E!," you're saying. "What about how they burn? Is the scent overpowering? Is it so subtle you don't know it exists?" Nope, it's neither. It's quite simply perfect. When it's burning, you can definitely smell it... but in more of a "waft that grabs your attention from time to time" kind of way, rather than a "give you a headache" kind of way. And the best part? It lingers in the room in the most delightful way, so even the next day when you come home from work and walk into the room the candle was burning in, you'll smell hints of its scent dancing through the air.

It's truly magic. And if you're still not sure about buying a candle off the internet completely unnosed, you can buy a scent sampler for $5 that lets you sniff each combo courtesy of a scented coaster, and then you can pick the candle you want without fear.

Now, while Otherland's core collection is always a solid win, one arena where they shine is in their limited edition collections. And they just launched the greatest collection yet: The Carefree 90s Collection. The idea behind it was to speak to their millennial audience and transport them back to their adolescence—or more pointedly, simpler times—by recalling scents that defined the decade. Research has shown that today's high-anxiety world is pushing all of us to escape to simpler times to find a sense of comfort, and for a lot of us, that means revisiting our childhoods. Amazingly, Otherland has figured out how to put that nostalgia in candle form.

So if you want to be transported back to the era of sparkly strawberry lip gloss, worn-in blue jeans, Cher Horowitz's light pink feather pen and a time where Clarissa could explain it all without the burden of social media shouting "Well, actually," shop Otherland's Carefree 90s collection below, and be prepared: you're about to have a new candle obsession, too.

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Wild freesia and plush plumeria combine with juicy tangerine to create this fruity, flowery scent, but fret not. It never veers toward the overpowering side, choosing to dance the line between too much and just enough. Which is pretty much what 90s style was all about, right?

Blue Jean Baby

Fresh yet intimate, delightful but complex, the combination of washed denim, white musk and mimosa flower make for a stunning fragrance that's begging to be in your bedroom. Preferably while you're dancing on your bed to the Spice Girls. In blue frosted eyeshadow.


Oh my heavens, this candle! This candle smells like candy, possibly from the Jolly Rancher family, maybe even a Lifesaver of some kind, with a hint of Lip Smacker for good measure. How? Through a magical concoction of sent using strawberry gloss, hard candy, and frosted rose. Be warned: you will want to eat this candle. (Please don't eat this candle.)

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