Watch: 2020 Super Bowl Partying Tips With Victor Cruz

It wouldn't be Super Bowl weekend without an appearance from Pop of the Morning's own Victor Cruz!

As E! readers surely know, Cruz is a retired NFL wide receiver, who won a Super Bowl in 2012 while playing for the New York Giants. Thus, it wasn't surprising when Jason Kennedy spotted the new E! personality on the Super Saturday Night red carpet in Miami, FL.

"I can't not talk to the job, right?" Cruz quipped as he greeted Kennedy with a hug.

"You were gonna be in trouble Monday morning," Kennedy further teased during the exclusive chat.

Since Cruz isn't a stranger to a Super Bowl weekend, he had plenty of partying tips to offer up.

"You just gotta map it out. It's all about scheduling and making sure that you're out of the last venue to make it to the next one on time," Cruz relayed regarding all the Super Bowl parties. "You try to pick two or three of, like the good moments, the big events."

However, Cruz made it clear that Lady Gaga's headlining performance at the Super Saturday Night event was the one party he refused to miss.

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"Lady Gaga! How could you not come here and support that?" the father of one confessed.

While Kennedy and Cruz acted like longtime friends on the carpet, this was their first meeting following the 33-year-old athlete's January debut on Pop of the Morning. Nonetheless, Kennedy had nothing but gush-worthy things to say about Cruz and his POTM co-hosts, Lilliana Vazquez and Scott Tweedie.

And, from what Cruz noted in the footage above, he's having the time of his life.

"It's been so much fun, man. I'm having more fun than I thought I'd be having on the show," Cruz shared. "Just talking about so many different things and being able to digress and have a good time."

Rob Kim/E! Entertainment

In fact, Cruz was particularly excited about his recent use of a Whoopi cushion on the show.

"That doesn't happen at any other job," Cruz gleefully added. "I'm having a blast, to be honest with you."

And it appears that Cruz has already become fast friends with his Pop of the Morning co-hosts. While discussing Super Bowl parties, Cruz revealed that co-host Tweedie knows how to party.

"Lilliana's going to bed first. Let's start with that. Scott Tweedie and I, we're keeping the party going," Cruz concluded. "Scott knows how to party just a little bit—and we're gonna keep it going."

For Cruz's full interview with Kennedy, be sure to watch the exclusive clip above!