Brooklyn Beckham Gets His Siblings Names Tattooed On His Fingers

Brooklyn Beckham honored siblings Romeo, Cruz and Harper with tattoos of their names. See his adorable new ink here.

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Brooklyn Beckham just spiced up his life in the sweetest way.

On Tuesday, the 20-year-old revealed that he got tattoos to honor his siblings Romeo Beckham, 17, Cruz Beckham, 14, and Harper Beckham, 8. Taking a cue from dad David Beckham, the eldest of the Beckham Bunch had each of their names tattooed on the inside of his middle, ring and pinky fingers.

Excited to show off his new ink, Brooklyn took to Instagram and shared a selfie of himself. Sporting a blue manicure, he can be seen smiling into the camera with his newly-tatted hand on full display. Their names join the sword tattoo that the aspiring photographer has on the front of his middle finger, as well as the numbers 1975, which symbolizes his dad's birth year.

This isn't the first time Brooklyn has honored his siblings with some ink. Above his elbow, he has "02 05 11" tattooed to commemorate their birth years.  

Every Time David and Brooklyn Beckham Were Twinning

Family tattoos seem to be a proud Beckham tradition. As each of his children were born, David had paid tribute to them by getting intricate tattoos. Starting in 1999 when he and wife Victoria Beckham, who he has honored with several tats, welcomed Brooklyn, the famous athlete got his name tattooed on his lower back to commemorate the joyous occasion.  

Then, in the same font, he got Romeo's moniker inked above his famous guardian angel tattoo in between his shoulder blades. Staying in theme with his other tattoos, he had Cruz's name tattooed in the middle of his back. For Harper, he had his little girl's name inked in a script font on his chest when she was born in 2011.

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Their names aren't the only tattoos that are related to his close relationship with his children. David also has "Buster" tattooed on his neck in honor of his nickname for Brooklyn. As a way to tribute his three sons, he got a tattoo of Jesus being held up by three cherub angels.

And for his "pretty lady" Harper, he got her nickname tattooed just above his "Harper" tattoo. The retired soccer pro even got a drawing that his youngest drew for him tattooed on the inside of his hand.