John Krasinski Responds After He And Emily Blunt Snub "World Treasure" Chris Martin

John Krasinski is speaking out about accidentally snubbing Chris Martin. Keep reading to see his hilarious reaction.

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 16, 2020 5:00 PMTags
John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Chris MartinCindy Ord/Getty Images; Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock

2020 has just begun and we've already got our first celebrity feud. 

Chris Martin stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat with Ellen DeGeneres and ended up sharing an impromptu story about the film A Quiet Place. After seeing that Ellen shared the trailer for the sequel to the John Krasinski and Emily Blunt film, he shared that he has a special connection with the film. 

"When A Quiet Place came out, I had an idea for a joke afterwards," he shared. "And so I sent Emily Blunt and her husband this idea for the musical of A Quiet Place. And it was just me [silently performing] like that. And they never replied." Although his joke got a big laugh from the Ellen crowd, according to Chris, John and Emily didn't have the same reaction. 

"So every time I see that trailer it makes me feel sick," he shared. After Ellen took to Instagram to share the story, John commented on the post with his own shocking accusation. 

John Krasinski Talks "A Quiet Place" Sequel

"I...did not get an email from Chris Martin. The man is a world treasure," he quipped on the post. "Are you kidding me!?!? Emily what have you done!?!?" Leave it to John to have the funniest response to the entire situation. Emily hasn't responded yet, but it's probably because she's too busy explaining the alleged snub to her husband. 

The film hasn't hit theaters yet, so maybe it's not too late for a quick cameo to be added! 

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A Quiet Place: Part II hits theaters March 20.