Eugene Levy Steals Tom Hanks' Thunder During 2020 SAG Awards' ''I Am an Actor'' Opener

As always, Sunday night's SAG Awards opened with its signature "I Am an Actor" segment. Find out which A-list stars participated this year.

By McKenna Aiello Jan 20, 2020 1:14 AMTags
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This is the 2020 SAG Awards, and these are the actors! 

As always, Sunday night's ceremony opened with its signature "I Am an Actor" segment. Chosen nominees, presenters and attendees, whose identities are kept secret until the metaphorical curtain rises, share stories from their experience in Hollywood and time being represented by SAG-AFTRA.

Christina ApplegateCynthia Erivo were among the stars highlighted this year, but it was Eugene Levy's anecdote that had his real-life son and Schitt's Creek co-star Dan Levy stepping in to point out that the clock was ticking and Tom Hanks had yet to share his own bit.

"My name is Eugene Levy," he shared, before interjecting, "and another thought just occurred to me..."

While the actor lamented about the fact that there were no VCR machines back in his day, Dan chimed in, "You've taken three times as long as everybody else and you're still not finished." 

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"You've used up so much time that they're telling us they had to cut Tom Hanks," Dan continued, to which his father replied, "Well, I know Tom. He's a good guy. He'll take it well."

The cameras then panned to an entirely unenthused Tom. 

The A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood star never actually got to share his own "I Am an Actor" story. Better luck next year?

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