Like father, like son!

Stellan Skarsgård won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Tv Series, Limited Series or TV movie at the 2020 Golden Globes on Sunday night, marking his first nomination and win at the awards ceremony for his turn as Boris Shcherbina in HBO's critically acclaimed series Chernobyl The Sky original miniseries.

Skarsgard won in a stacked category that included The Kominsky Method's Alan Arkin, Succession's Kieran Culkin, Fleabag's Andrew Scott and Barry's Henry Winkler to take home the award.

Just two years ago, his son Alexander Skarsgård won his first Golden Globe in the same supporting category, taking home the 2018 Golden Globe for his work in HBO's Big Little Lies. Hey, Best Supporting Actor must run in the Skarsgård family.

While he initially said he was so "assured" he wouldn't win that he already had thanked everyone, Skarsgård, 68, did go on to thank one person in particular: Chernobyl's hair, makeup and prosthetics designer.

Why? Because eyebrows, that's why. 

"I should, though, thank one person and that is Milos Forman, who said to me a couple of years ago, 'Stellan, I've seen so many films with you, but I never remember your face!'" he said. "And I realized it was because I don't have any eyebrows, nobody could tell if I'm angry or surprised it's not like Colin Farrell. You can tell if he's angry 20 miles away, but for this film, Daniel Parker made a couple of eyebrows for me!"


Watch out, Colin Farrell!

Chernobyl, a historical drama about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, is nominated for several awards at the Golden Globes, including Best TV Drama, and it recently won the 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Limited Series. 

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